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The effect of personality traits on employee job satisfaction with moderating role of islamic work ethics 2019 Jalal, Raja Nabeel-Ud-Din; Zeb, Naveeda; Fayyaz, Um-E-Roman
Herding behavior and cryptocurrency: Market asymmetries, inter-dependency and intra-dependency 2020 Jalal, R. N. -U. -D.; Sargiacomo, M.; Sahar, N. U.; Fayyaz, U. -E. -R.
Does CEO power influence corporate risk and performance? Evidence from Greece and Hungary 2021 Fayyaz, Um-E-Roman; Jalal, Raja Nabeel-Ud-Din; Antonucci, Gianluca; Venditti, Michelina
Corporate social responsibility perceptions and manager creativity: testing the mediating role of organisational identification 2022 Venditti, Michelina; Jalal, Raja Nabeel Ud Din; Fayyaz, Um E Roman
CEO PERSONALITY TRAITS: A BIBLIOMETRIC ANALYSIS\ 2022 Fayyaz, UM E ROMAN; Venditti, Michelina; Minguez-Vera, Antonio; Jalal, RAJA NABEEL-UD-DIN
Past, present and future of impact investing and closely related financial vehicles: a literature review 2023 Chiappini, Helen; Nicoletta, Marinelli; Jalal, RAJA NABEEL-UD-DIN; Birindelli, Giuliana
Editorial: Corporate governance, organizational, and individual behavior 2023 Jalal, RAJA NABEEL-UD-DIN
Role of technology director in boosting internationalisation and performance:an evidence from EU sustainable firms 2023 Venditti, Michelina; Fayyaz, Um E Roman; Antonucci, Gianluca; Jalal, Raja Nabeel Ud Din
SFDR, investor attention, and European financial markets 2023 Birindelli, G.; Chiappini, H.; Jalal, RAJA NABEEL-UD-DIN
Greenwashing, bank financial performance and the moderating role of gender diversity 2024 Birindelli, Giuliana; Chiappini, Helen; Jalal, Raja Nabeel-Ud-Din
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 10 di 10
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