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“Stylistic Technique and the Reader in D.H. Lawrence’s Sea and Sardinia” 1990 D'Agnillo, Renzo
“In the Orchard’; A Moment of Being – An Example of Virginia Woolf’s Stylistic Experimentation” 1992 D'Agnillo, Renzo
“Between Belief and Non-Belief: Thomas Hardy’s ‘The Shadow on the Stone’” 1993 D'Agnillo, Renzo
“Music and Metaphor in Under the Greenwood Tree” 1993 D'Agnillo, Renzo
La coda della lucertola 1995 D'Agnillo, Renzo
"Fictionality/Non-Fictionality. The Narrative Pact in Bruce Chatwin’s ‘A Coup – A Story” 1996 D'Agnillo, Renzo
“Il dialogo dell’anima: gli atti unici di Renzo Ricchi” 1996 D'Agnillo, Renzo
Five One-Act Plays, Renzo Ricchi 1996 D'Agnillo, Renzo
“Restless Spirits: Bruce Chatwin’s Exiles” 1997 D'Agnillo, Renzo
“Desmond Egan: A Poet with no Illusions” 1998 D'Agnillo, Renzo
“W.B. Yeats and Desmond Egan: Two Refuge Poems” 1998 D'Agnillo, Renzo
Percorsi di poesia irlandese. Da W. B. Yeats a Desmond Egan 1998 Costantini, Mariaconcetta; D'Agnillo, Renzo; Marroni, Francesco
Percorsi di poesia irlandese : da W. B. Yeats a Desmond Egan / a cura di Francesco Marroni, Mariaconcetta Costantini, Renzo D'Agnillo 1998 Marroni, Francesco; Costantini, Mariaconcetta; D'Agnillo, Renzo
Prefazione 1998 Costantini, Mariaconcetta; Marroni, Francesco; D'Agnillo, Renzo
“Submission and Resistance: The Poetics of a Spiritual Dilemma in G.M. Hopkins’ ‘Terrible Sonnets”. 1998 D'Agnillo, Renzo
Six romantic poets : an anthology with exercises 1999 D'Angelo, Adriana; D'Agnillo, Renzo
Bruce Chatwin: Settlers, Exiles and Nomads 2000 D'Agnillo, Renzo
“Which Dante Are You Reading? A Comparative Analysis of Two Translations of Dante’s Divine Comedy” 2000 D'Agnillo, Renzo
“Shelley, Rossetti and Hardy: Three Visions of a Skylark” 2000 D'Agnillo, Renzo
“’An Interest in Higher Things’: A Comparative Analysis of Two Juvenile Poems by John Keats and Gerard Manley Hopkins 2001 D'Agnillo, Renzo
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 45
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