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Calibration of a multichannel MEG system based on the signal space separation method 2012 Chella, Federico; Zappasodi, Filippo; Marzetti, Laura; DELLA PENNA, Stefania; Pizzella, Vittorio
Third order spectral analysis robust to mixing artifacts for mapping cross-frequency interactions in EEG/MEG 2014 Chella, Federico; Marzetti, Laura; Pizzella, Vittorio; Zappasodi, Filippo; Nolte, G.
Magnetoencephalographic alpha band connectivity reveals differential default mode network interactions during focused attention and open monitoring meditation 2014 Marzetti, Laura; DI LANZO, Claudia; Zappasodi, Filippo; Chella, Federico; Raffone, Antonino; Pizzella, Vittorio
Disentangling coupled brain systems from EEG and MEG data 2016 Marzetti, L; Chella, F; Pizzella, V; Nolte, G
Impact of the reference choice on scalp EEG connectivity estimation 2016 Chella, Federico; Pizzella, Vittorio; Zappasodi, Filippo; Marzetti, Laura
Bispectral pairwise interacting source analysis for identifying systems of cross-frequency interacting brain sources from electroencephalographic or magnetoencephalographic signals 2016 Chella, Federico; Pizzella, Vittorio; Zappasodi, Filippo; Nolte, Guido; Marzetti, Laura
Disclosing brain functional connectivity from electrophysiological signals with phase slope based metrics 2017 Basti, Alessio; Pizzella, Vittorio; Nolte, Guido; Chella, Federico; Marzetti, Laura
Non-linear analysis of scalp EEG by using bispectra: The effect of the reference choice 2017 Chella, Federico; D'Andrea, Antea; Basti, Alessio; Pizzella, Vittorio; Marzetti, Laura
Disclosing large-scale directed functional connections in MEG with the multivariate phase slope index 2018 Basti, Alessio; Pizzella, Vittorio; Chella, Federico; Romani, Gian Luca; Nolte, Guido; Marzetti, Laura
The impact of improved MEG–MRI co-registration on MEG connectivity analysis 2019 Chella, Federico; Marzetti, Laura; Stenroos, Matti; Parkkonen, Lauri; J Ilmoniemi, Risto; Romani, Gian Luca; Pizzella, Vittorio
Spatiotemporal structures of time lags in the brain as revealed by magnetoencephalography 2019 Basti, A.; Chella, F.; Snyder, A. Z.; Pizzella, V.; Marzetti, L.
Influence of Co-Registration Errors on the Performance of Anatomical Constraints in MEG Source Connectivity Analysis* 2019 Chella, F.; Marzetti, L.; Basti, A.; Stenroos, M.; Parkkonen, L.; Ilmoniemi, R. J.; Pizzella, V.
Brain Functional Connectivity Through Phase Coupling of Neuronal Oscillations: A Perspective From Magnetoencephalography 2019 Marzetti, Laura; Basti, Alessio; Chella, Federico; D'Andrea, Antea; Jaakko, Syrjälä; Pizzella, Vittorio
Alpha and alpha-beta phase synchronization mediate the recruitment of the visuospatial attention network through the Superior Longitudinal Fasciculus 2019 D'Andrea, Antea; Chella, Federico; Marshall, Tom R.; Pizzella, Vittorio; Romani, Gian Luca; Jensen, Ole; Marzetti, Laura
Looking through the windows: a study about the dependency of phase-coupling estimates on the data length 2022 Basti, A.; Chella, F.; Guidotti, R.; Ermolova, M.; D'Andrea, A.; Stenroos, M.; Romani, G. L.; Pizzella, V.; Marzetti, L.
Magnetoencephalographic spectral fingerprints differentiate evidence accumulation from saccadic motor preparation in perceptual decision-making 2022 D'Andrea, Antea; Basti, Alessio; Tosoni, Annalisa; Guidotti, Roberto; Chella, Federico; Michelmann, Sebastian; Romani, Gian Luca; Pizzella, Vittorio; Marzetti, Laura
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