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Mother and child in synchrony: Thermal facial imprints of autonomic contagion 2012 Ebisch, Sjoerd Johannes; Aureli, Tiziana; Bafunno, D; Cardone, Daniela; Romani, Gian Luca; Merla, Arcangelo
Facial imprints of autonomic contagion in mother and child: A thermal imaging study 2012 Ebisch, Sjoerd Johannes; Aureli, Tiziana; Bafunno, Daniela; Cardone, Daniela; Manini, Barbara; Ioannou, S.; Romani, Gian Luca; Gallese, V.; Merla, Arcangelo
Scrotal infrared digital thermography for detection of subclinical varicocele 2012 Gabrielli, Daniela; Cardone, Daniela; Di Donato, L.; Pompa, P.; Cotroneo, Antonio Raffaele; Romani, Gian Luca; Merla, Arcangelo
The Autonomic Signature of Guilt in Children: A Thermal Infrared Imaging Study 2013 Stephanos, Ioannou; Ebisch, Sjoerd Johannes; Aureli, Tiziana; Bafunno, Daniela; Helene Alexi, Ioannides; Cardone, Daniela; Manini, Barbara; Romani, Gian Luca; Vittorio, Gallese; Merla, Arcangelo
Mom feels what her child feels: thermal signatures of vicarious autonomic response while watching children in a stressful situation 2013 Manini, Barbara; Cardone, Daniela; Ebisch, Sjoerd Johannes; Bafunno, Daniela; Aureli, Tiziana; Merla, Arcangelo
Astigmatism correction with toric IOL: analysis of visual performance, position, and wavefront error 2013 Toto, Lisa; Vecchiarino, Luca; D'Ugo, Erminia; Cardone, Daniela; Mastropasqua, Alessandra; Mastropasqua, R; DI NICOLA, Marta
IRI ImagePro 2014 Merla, Arcangelo; Cardone, Daniela; DI DONATO, Luigino
Exploring the Use of Thermal Infrared Imaging in Human Stress Research 2014 Veronika, Engert; Merla, Arcangelo; Grant, Joshua A.; Cardone, Daniela; Anita, Tusche; Tania, Singer
The thermal dimension of psychophysiological and emotional responses revealed by thermal infrared imaging 2014 Cardone, Daniela; Merla, Arcangelo
Time-domain analysis of scrotal thermoregulatory impairment in varicocele 2014 Ismail, E.; Orlando, Giuseppe; Pompa, P.; Gabrielli, D.; Di Donato, L.; Cardone, Daniela; Merla, Arcangelo
INFRA-CAL 2015 Merla, Arcangelo; Cardone, Daniela; Pinti, Paola; Di Donato, L.
Behavioral and facial thermal variations in 3-to 4-month-old infants during the Still-Face Paradigm 2015 Aureli, Tiziana; Grazia, Annalisa; Cardone, Daniela; Merla, Arcangelo
Thermal Infrared Imaging-Based Computational Psychophysiology for Psychometrics 2015 Cardone, Daniela; Pinti, Paola; Merla, Arcangelo
Assessing embodied interpersonal emotion regulation in somatic symptom disorders: a case study 2015 Okur, Z.; Sattel, H.; Cardone, Daniela; Merla, Arcangelo
Simultaneous fNIRS and thermal infrared imaging during cognitive task reveal autonomic correlates of prefrontal cortex activity 2015 Pinti, Paola; Cardone, Daniela; Merla, Arcangelo
Joint functional impairment and thermal alterations in patients with Psoriatic Arthritis: A thermal imaging study. 2015 Capo, Alessandra; Ismail, E; Cardone, Daniela; Celletti, Eleonora; Auriemma, Matteo; Sabatini, E; Merla, Arcangelo; Amerio, Paolo
"The face of ostracism": The impact of the social categorization on the thermal facial responses of the target and the observer 2016 Paolini, Daniele; Alparone, Francesca Romana; Cardone, Daniela; van Beest, Ilja; Merla, Arcangelo
Thermal signatures of voluntary deception in ecological conditions 2016 Panasiti, Maria Serena; Cardone, Daniela; Pavone, ENEA FRANCESCO; Mancini, Alessandra; Merla, Arcangelo; Aglioti, Salvatore M.
Bullying Perpetration and Victimization in Early Adolescence: Physiological Response to Social Exclusion 2017 Mazzone, Angela; Camodeca, Marina; Cardone, Daniela; Merla, Arcangelo
New frontiers for applications of thermal infrared imaging devices: Computational psychopshysiology in the neurosciences 2017 Cardone, Daniela; Merla, Arcangelo
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 77
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