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Use of GNSS/GPS for calibrating ESR/SKYNET and AERONET Sun-sky radiometers: a multi-instruments approach to retrieve the precipitable water vapor content performing measurements comparability 2018 Campanelli, M.; Mascitelli, A.; Sanò, P.; Diémoz, H.; Estellés, V.; Federico, S.; Iannarelli, A. M.; Fratarcangeli, F.; Mazzoni, A.; Realini, E.; Crespi, M.; Bock, O.; Martinez-Lozano, J. A.; Dietrich, S.
Monitoring of mechanical stability of arboreal individuals by GNSS low cost sensors 2018 Mascitelli, A.; Petenko, I.; De Cinti, B.; Mazzoni, A.; Federico, S.; Bombi, P.; Muzzini, V. G.; Dietrich, S.
A New Ground Based Augmentation Strategy for Centimetric PPP Solution with GNSS Single Frequency Receiver 2018 Fortunato, M.; Mascitelli, A.; Mazzoni, A.; Crespi, M.
Assimilation of GPS ZTD in meteorological models by 3D Var 2018 Mascitelli, A.; Federico, S.; Avolio, E.; Crespi, M.; Dietrich, S.
From InSAR derived relative tropospheric Slant Total Delay maps to absolute Zenith Total Delay maps: comparisons between tropospheric delay products to define a strategy for meteorological applications 2020 Barindelli, S.; Gatti, A.; Lagasio, M.; Manzoni, M.; Mascitelli, A.; Monti, Guarnieri; A., Montrasio; M., Realini; E., Tagliaferro; G., Venuti
TWIGA project activities for the enhancement of heavy rainfall predictions in Africa: low cost GNSS network deployment and NWP model parameterization 2020 Mascitelli, A.; Niyonkuru, Meroni; A., Barindelli; S., Manzoni; M., Tagliaferro; G., Gatti; A., Realini; E., Venuti; G., &; Monti Guarnieri, A.
Precipitable Water Vapor Content from GNSS/GPS: Validation Against Radiometric Retrievals, Atmospheric Sounding and ECMWF Model Outputs over a Test Area in Milan 2020 Mascitelli, Alessandra; Barindelli, Stefano; Realini, Eugenio; Luini, Lorenzo; Venuti, Giovanna
Statistical Comparison Between Different Approaches to GNSS Single-Frequency Data Processing for Meteorological Applications 2020 Mascitelli, Alessandra; Gatti, Andrea; Realini, Eugenio; Venuti, Giovanna
Towards the integration of GNSS, SAR and NWP for heavy rainfall forecast in sub Saharan Africa within the TWIGA project 2021 Meroni, Niyonkuru; Mascitelli, A.; Barindelli, A.; Petrushevsky, S.; Manzoni, N.; Molinari, M.; Gatti, M. E.; Tagliaferro, A.; Lagasio, G.; Parodi, M.; Realini, A.; Guarnieri, Monti; &, A. V.; G., Venuti
A NOVEL PROCEDURE FOR GENERATION OF SAR-DERIVED ZTD MAPS FOR WEATHER PREDICTION: APPLICATION TO SOUTH AFRICA USE CASE 2021 Molinari, M. E.; Manzoni, M.; Petrushevsky, N.; Guarnieri, A. M.; Venuti, G.; Meroni, A. N.; Mascitelli, A.; Parodi, A.
Time Evolution of Storms Producing Terrestrial Gamma-Ray Flashes Using ERA5 Reanalysis Data, GPS, Lightning and Geostationary Satellite Observations 2021 Tiberia, A; Mascitelli, A; D'Adderio, Lp; Federico, S; Marisaldi, M; Porcu, F; Realini, E; Gatti, A; Ursi, A; Fuschino, F; Tavani, M; Dietrich, S
Multi-instrumental Analysis of the Extreme Meteorological Event Occurred in Matera (Italy) on November 2019 2021 Coletta, V; Mascitelli, A; Bonazza, A; Ciarravano, A; Federico, S; Prestileo, F; Torcasio, Rc; Dietrich, S
Assimilation of GPS Zenith Total Delay estimates in RAMS NWP model: Impact studies over central Italy 2021 Mascitelli, A.; Federico, S.; Torcasio, R. C.; Dietrich, S.
Safeguarding of the Villa Romana del Casale UNESCO site from severe weather events: the case study of Apollo medicane occurred in October 2021 2022 Prestileo, F.; Mascitelli, A.; Meli, G.; Petracca, M.; Giorgi, C.; Melfi, D.; Puca, ; S., and Dietrich
Decrease of anthropogenic emission from aviation and detection of natural hazards with potential application in geosciences using satellite sensors, ground based networks and model forecasts in the context of the SACS/ALARM early warning system 2022 Brenot, H.; Theys, N.; D, e Donder; E., Clarisse; D, e Buyl; P., Clerbaux; N., Dietmdietmüller; S., Matthes; S., Grewe; V., Chkeir; Mascitelli, A.; Anesiadou, A.; Biondi, R.; Mahorčič, I.; Bolić, T.; Bhattacharya, R.; Winter, T.; Durant, A.; Van, Roozendael; M., Soler
GNSS-PWV time evolution in extreme weather events: comparison analysis with lightning and radar VIL. 2022 Mascitelli, A.; Federico, S.; Vulpiani, G.; Crespi, ; M., and Dietrich
Multivariate Multi-Step Convection Nowcasting with Deep Neural Networks: The Novara Case Study 2022 Biondi, Riccardo; Chkeir, Sandy; Anesiadou, Aikaterini; Mascitelli, Alessandra; Realini, Eugenio; Nisi, Luca; Cimarelli, Corrado
Preliminary Results of the AEROMET Project on the Assimilation of the Rain-Rate from Satellite Observations 2022 Federico, S; Torcasio, Rc; Mascitelli, A; Del Frate, F; Dietrich, S
Resilience of Cultural Heritage in Extreme Weather Conditions: The Case of the UNESCO Villa Romana del Casale Archaeological Site's Response to the Apollo Medicane in October 2021 2022 Prestileo, F; Mascitelli, A; Meli, G; Petracca, M; Giorgi, C; Melfi, D; Puca, S; Dietrich, S
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