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Two-dimensional seismic wave modeling and inversion by the boundary element method 2012 Bignardi, S.; Fedele, F.; Yezzi, A.; Rix, G.; Santarato, G.
Geometric seismic-wave inversion by the boundary element method 2012 Bignardi, S.; Fedele, F.; Yezzi, A.; Rix, G.; Santarato, G.
Electrical resistivity tomography investigation of coseismic liquefaction and fracturing at San Carlo, Ferrara Province, Italy 2012 Abu Zeid, N.; Bignardi, S.; Caputo, R.; Santarato, G.; Stefani, M.
Surface waves in laterally heterogeneous media 2013 Bignardi, S.; Fedele, F.; Santarato, G.; Yezzi, A. J.; Rix, G. J.
Thickness variations in layered subsurface models-Effects on simulated MASW 2014 Bignardi, S.; Santarato, G.; Abu Zeid, N.
Observed linear and non-linear IP effects - A summary of joint Italy-South Africa bilateral projects 2007-2014 2015 Zadorozhnaya, V.; Abu Zeid, N.; Bignardi, S.; Mare, L.; Mantsa, R.; Santarato, G.
Near foundation soil stiffening evaluation after resins injection by a novel 3D interpretation of surface waves data 2015 Bignardi, S.; Abu Zeid, N.; D'Attoli, M.; Morelli, G.; Occhi, M.; Russo, M.; Santarato, G.
High resolution geophysical and topographical surveys for the characterisation of Fumane cave prehistoric site, Italy 2015 Obradovic, M.; Abu Zeid, N.; Bignardi, S.; Bolognesi, M.; Peresani, M.; Russo, P.; Santarato, G.
Direct Interpretation of Phase Lags (DIPL) of MASW data: An example for evaluation of (Jetgrouting) for soil stiffening enhancement against soil liquefaction 2015 Bignardi, S.; Abu Zeid, N.; Santarato, G.
OpenHVSR: Imaging the subsurface 2D/3D elastic properties through multiple HVSR modeling and inversion 2016 Bignardi, S.; Mantovani, A.; Abu Zeid, N.
Unusual geophysical techniques in archaeology - HVSR and induced polarization, A case history 2016 Zeid, N. A.; Corradini, E.; Bignardi, S.; Morandi, N.; Nizzo, V.; Santarato, G.
A non-linear induced polarization effect on transient electromagnetic soundings 2016 Hallbauer-Zadorozhnaya, V. Y.; Santarato, G.; Abu Zeid, N.; Bignardi, S.
The HVSR technique from array data, speeding up mapping of paleo-surfaces and buried remains. The case of the Bronze-Age site of Pilastri (Italy) 2017 Bignardi, S.; Zeid, N. A.; Corradini, E.; Santarato, G.
Exploring the paleolithic cave of Fumane (Italy): Geophysical methods as planning tool for archaeology 2017 Zeid, N. A.; Bignardi, S.; Santarato, G.; Peresani, M.
The uncertainty of estimating the thickness of soft sediments with the HVSR method: A computational point of view on weak lateral variations 2017 Bignardi, S.
The Passive Seismic Technique ‘HVSR’ as a Reconnaissance Tool for Mapping Paleo-soils: The Case of the Pilastri Archaeological Site, Northern Italy 2017 Abu Zeid, N.; Corradini, E.; Bignardi, S.; Nizzo, V.; Santarato, G.
OpenHVSR - Processing toolkit: Enhanced HVSR processing of distributed microtremor measurements and spatial variation of their informative content 2018 Bignardi, S.; Yezzi, A. J.; Fiussello, S.; Comelli, A.
Free and improved computer codes for HVSR processing and inversions 2018 Bignardi, S.; Fiussello, S.; Yezzi, A. J.
A smart and operator independent system to delineate tumours in Positron Emission Tomography scans 2018 Comelli, A.; Stefano, A.; Russo, G.; Sabini, M. G.; Ippolito, M.; Bignardi, S.; Petrucci, G.; Yezzi, A.
Expeditious seismic methods for noninvasive diagnostics of the dynamic characteristics of the subsoil in urban centers using Rayleigh waves: The case of the city of Ferrara 2019 Abu Zeid, N.; Bignardi, S.; Santarato, G.
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