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Effects of land use on surface-atmosphere exchanges of trace gases and energy in Borneo: Comparing fluxes over oil palm plantations and a rainforest 2011 Fowler, David; Nemitz, Eiko; Misztal, Pawel; DI MARCO, Chiara; Skiba, Ute; Ryder, James; Helfter, Carole; Neil Cape, J.; Owen, Sue; Dorsey, James; Gallagher, Martin W.; Coyle, Mhairi; Phillips, Gavin; Davison, Brian; Langford, Ben; Mackenzie, Rob; Muller, Jennifer; Siong, Jambery; Dari Salisburgo, Cesare; DI CARLO, Piero; Aruffo, Eleonora; Giammaria, Franco; Pyle, John A.; Nicholas Hewitt, C.
Device for measuring concentration of gases 2013 Rosatelli, Gianluigi; DI CARLO, Piero; DEL GRANDE, Francesco; Visconti, Guido; Stoppa, Francesco; Aruffo, Eleonora; Giammaria, Franco
Aircraft based four-channel thermal dissociation laser induced fluorescence instrument for simultaneous measurements of NO2, total peroxy nitrate, total alkyl nitrate, and HNO3 2013 DI CARLO, Piero; Aruffo, Eleonora; Busilacchio, M.; Giammaria, F.; Dari Salisburgo, C.; Biancofiore, F.; Visconti, G.; Lee, J.; Moller, S.; Reeves, C. E.; Bauguitte, S.; Forster, G.; Jones, R. L.; Ouyang, B.
Ozone photochemistry in boreal biomass burning plumes 2013 Parrington, M; Palmer, P. I.; Lewis, A. C.; Lee, J. D.; Rickard, A. R.; DI CARLO, Piero; Taylor, J. W.; Hopkins, J. R.; Punjabi, S.; Oram, D. E.; Forster, G.; Aruffo, Eleonora; Moller, S. J.; Bauguitte, J. B. S.; Allan, J. D.; Coe, H.; Leigh, R. J.
Quantifying the impact of BOReal forest fires on Tropospheric oxidants over the Atlantic using Aircraft and Satellites (BORTAS) experiment: Design, execution and science overview 2013 Palmer, P. I; Parrington, M.; Lee, J. D.; Lewis, A. C.; Rickard, A. R.; Bernath, P. F.; Duck, T. J.; Waugh, D. L.; Tarasick, D. W.; Andrews, S.; Aruffo, Eleonora; Bailey, L. J.; Barrett, E.; Bauguitte, J. B. S.; Curry, K. R.; DI CARLO, Piero; Chisholm, L.; Dan, L.; Forster, G.; Franklin, J. E.; Gibson, M. D.; Griffin, D.; Helmig, D.; Hopkins, J. R.; Hopper, J. T.; Jenkin, M. E.; Kindred, D.; Kliever, J.; Le Breton, M.; Matthiesen, S.; Maurice, M.; Moller, S.; Moore, D. P.; Oram, D. E.; O'Shea, S. J.; Owen, R. C.; Pagniello, C. M. L. S.; Pawson, S.; Percival, C. J.; Pierce, J. R.; Punjabi, S.; Purvis, R. M.; Remedios, J. J.; Rotermund, K. M.; Sakamoto, K. M.; Da Silva, A. M.; Strawbridge, K. B.; Strong, K.; Taylor, J.; Trigwell, R.; Tereszchuk, K. A.; Walker, K. A.; Weaver, D.; Whaley, C.; Young, J. C.
Aircraft observations of the lower troposphere above a megacity: Alkyl nitrate and ozone chemistry 2014 Aruffo, Eleonora; DI CARLO, Piero; Dari Salisburgo, Cesare; Biancofiore, Fabio; Giammaria, Franco; Busilacchio, Marcella; Lee, James; Moller, Sarah; Hopkins, James; Punjabi, Shalini; Bauguitte, Stéphane; O'Sullivan, Debbie; Percival, Carl; Le Breton, Michael; Muller, Jennifer; Jones, Rod; Forster, Grant; Reeves, Claire; Heard, Dwayne; Walker, Hannah; Ingham, Trevor; Vaughan, Stewart; Stone, Daniel
Radical chemistry at night: Comparisons between observed and modelled HOx, NO3 and N2O5 during the RONOCO project 2014 Stone, D; Evans, M. J.; Walker, H.; Ingham, T.; Vaughan, S.; Ouyang, B.; Kennedy, O. J.; Mcleod, M. W.; Jones, R. L.; Hopkins, J.; Punjabi, S.; Lidster, R.; Hamilton, J. F.; Lee, J. D.; Lewis, A. C.; Carpenter, L. J.; Forster, G.; Oram, D. E.; Reeves, C. E.; Bauguitte, S.; Morgan, W.; Coe, H.; Aruffo, Eleonora; Dari Salisburgo, C.; Giammaria, F.; DI CARLO, Piero; Heard, D. E.
WRF-Chem model predictions of the regional impacts of N2O5 heterogeneous processes on night-time chemistry over north-western Europe 2015 Lowe, D; Archer Nicholls, S.; Morgan, W.; Allan, J.; Utembe, S.; Ouyang, B.; Aruffo, Eleonora; Le Breton, M.; Zaveri, R. A.; DI CARLO, Piero; Percival, C.; Coe, H.; Jones, R.; Mcfiggans, G.
Analysis of surface ozone using a recurrent neural network 2015 Biancofiore, Fabio; Verdecchia, Marco; DI CARLO, Piero; Tomassetti, Barbara; Aruffo, Eleonora; Busilacchio, Marcella; Bianco, Sebastiano; Di Tommaso, Sinibaldo; Colangeli, Carlo
Wildfires impact on surface nitrogen oxides and ozone in Central Italy 2015 DI CARLO, Piero; Aruffo, Eleonora; Biancofiore, Fabio; Busilacchio, Marcella; Pitari, Giovanni; Dari–salisburgo, Cesare; Tuccella, Paolo; Kajii, Yoshizumi
Properties and evolution of biomass burning organic aerosol from Canadian boreal forest fires 2015 Jolleys, M. D; Coe, H.; Mcfiggans, G.; Taylor, J. W.; O'Shea, S. J.; Le Breton, M.; Bauguitte, S. J. B.; Moller, S.; DI CARLO, Piero; Aruffo, E.; Palmer, P. I.; Lee, J. D.; Percival, C. J.; Gallagher, M. W.
Influence of aerosol chemical composition on N2O5 uptake: Airborne regional measurements in northwestern Europe 2015 Morgan, W. T; Ouyang, B.; Allan, J. D.; Aruffo, Eleonora; DI CARLO, Piero; Kennedy, O. J.; Lowe, D.; Flynn, M. J.; Rosenberg, P. D.; Williams, P. I.; Jones, R.; Mcfiggans, G. B.; Coe, H.
Impact of biomass burning emission on total peroxy nitrates: fire plume identification during the BORTAS campaign 2016 Aruffo, Eleonora; Biancofiore, Fabio; DI CARLO, Piero; Busilacchio, Marcella; Verdecchia, Marco; Tomassetti, Barbara; Dari Salisburgo, Cesare; Giammaria, Franco; Bauguitte, Stephane; Lee, James; Moller, Sarah; Hopkins, James; Punjabi, Shalini; Andrews, Stephen J.; Lewis, Alistair C.; Palmer, Paul I.; Hyer, Edward; Le Breton, Michael; Percival, Carl
Production of peroxy nitrates in boreal biomass burning plumes over Canada during the BORTAS campaign 2016 Busilacchio, M.; Di Carlo, P.; Aruffo, E.; Biancofiore, F.; Salisburgo, C. D.; Giammaria, F.; Bauguitte, S.; Lee, J.; Moller, S.; Hopkins, J.; Punjabi, S.; Andrews, S.; Lewis, A. C.; Parrington, M.; Palmer, P. I.; Hyer, E.; Wolfe, G. M.
Recursive neural network model for analysis and forecast of PM10 and PM2.5 2017 Biancofiore, Fabio; Busilacchio, Marcella; Verdecchia, Marco; Tomassetti, Barbara; Aruffo, Eleonora; Bianco, Sebastiano; Di Tommaso, Sinibaldo; Colangeli, Carlo; Rosatelli, Gianluigi; DI CARLO, Piero
Effects of ozone exposure on human epithelial adenocarcinoma and normal fibroblasts cells 2017 Poma, Anna; Colafarina, Sabrina; Aruffo, Eleonora; Zarivi, Osvaldo; Bonfigli, Antonella; Di Bucchianico, Sebastiano; DI CARLO, Piero
An assessment of stratospheric intrusions in Italian mountain regions using STEFLUX 2018 Cristofanelli, P.; Di Carlo, P.; Aruffo, E.; Apadula, F.; Bencardino, M.; D'Amore, F.; Bonasoni, P.; Putero, D.
Homogenization of instrumental time series of air temperature in Central Italy (1930−2015) 2019 Aruffo, E.; Di Carlo, P.
Precipitation intensity under a warming climate is threatening some Italian premium wines 2019 DI CARLO, Piero; Aruffo, Eleonora; H Brune, William
Neural network model analysis for investigation of NO origin in a high mountain site 2020 Aruffo, Eleonora; DI CARLO, Piero; Cristofanelli, Paolo; Bonasoni, Paolo
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