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Is Italian healthcare expenditure differentially associated with adult and elderly mortality? 2018 Bucci, A; Golinelli, D; Toscano, F; Messina, G; Li, J
Forecasting Realized Volatility: A Review 2019 Bucci, Andrea
Machine learning in clinical and epidemiological research: Isn't it time for biostatisticians to work on it? 2019 Azzolina, D.; Baldi, I.; Barbati, G.; Berchialla, P.; Bottigliengo, D.; Bucci, A.; Calza, S.; Dolce, P.; Edefonti, V.; Faragalli, A.; Fiorito, G.; Gandin, I.; Giudici, F.; Gregori, D.; Gregorio, C.; Ieva, F.; Lanera, C.; Lorenzoni, G.; Marchioni, M.; Milanese, A.; Ricotti, A.; Sciannameo, V.; Solinas, G.; Vezzoli, M.
Evaluating process-mining interoperability: stroke case analysis on Italian health real-world data 2020 Faragalli, A; Bucci, A; Gesuita, R; Unim, B; Spazzafumo, L; González-García, J; Telleria-Orriols, C; Estupiñán-Romero, F; Palmieri, L; Carle, F
Spatial Clustering of European NUTS 2 Regions based on COVID death rates changes 2020 Bucci, Andrea; Fontanella, Lara; Ippoliti, Luigi; Valentini, Pasquale
Dental age estimation in children affected by juvenile rheumatoid arthritis 2020 Pinchi, V.; Bianchi, I.; Pradella, F.; Vitale, G.; Focardi, M.; Tonni, I.; Ferrante, L.; Bucci, A.
Axial and rotational alignment of lower limb in a Caucasian aged non-arthritic cohort 2020 Farinelli, L.; Baldini, M.; Bucci, A.; Ulisse, S.; Carle, F.; Gigante, A.
Comment on: “The Italian NHS: What Lessons to Draw from COVID‑19?” 2020 Golinelli, D.; Bucci, A.; Adja, K. Y. C.; Toscano, F.
Realized Volatility Forecasting with Neural Networks 2020 Bucci, Andrea
Cholesky–ANN models for predicting multivariate realized volatility 2020 Bucci, A.
Association between economic growth, mortality and healthcare spending in 31 high-income countries 2021 Sanmarchi, F; Golinelli, D; Esposito, F; Toscano, F; Fantini, Mp; Bucci, A
A time varying parameter regression model to investigate the relationship between intensive care occupancies and confirmed COVID-19 deaths in European NUTS-2 Regions 2021 Valentini, P.; Ippoliti, L.; Bucci, A.
Combining dimensionality reduction with neural networks for realized volatility forecasting 2021 Bucci, A.; He, L.; Liu, Z.
Clustering spatio-temporal series of confirmed COVID-19 deaths in Europe 2021 Bucci, A.; Ippoliti, L.; Valentini, P.; Fontanella, S.
Variation of plasma citrulline as a predictive factor for weaning off long-term parenteral nutrition in children with neonatal short bowel syndrome 2021 Proli, Francesco; Faragalli, Andrea; Talbotec, Cécile; Bucci, Andrea; Zemrani, Boutaina; Chardot, Christophe; Abi Nader, Elie; Goulet, Olivier; Lambe, Cécile
Distributed Solutions for a Reliable Data-Driven Transformation of Healthcare Management and Research 2021 Sanmarchi, Francesco; Toscano, Fabrizio; Fattorini, Mattia; Bucci, Andrea; Golinelli, Davide
Gender differences and multiple determinants of perceived physical and mental health in Italy 2021 Golinelli, D; Bucci, A; Boetto, E; Maietti, E; Toscano, F; Fantini, M P
Comparing unconstrained parametrization methods for return covariance matrix prediction 2022 Bucci, Andrea; Ippoliti, Luigi; Valentini, Pasquale
starvars: An R Package for Analysing Nonlinearities in Multivariate Time Series 2022 Bucci, Andrea; Palomba, Giulio; Rossi, Eduardo
Editorial: Patterns of all-cause and cause-specific mortality during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic: The impact of health policies and interventions 2022 Golinelli, Davide; Sanmarchi, Francesco; Maietti, Elisa; Toscano, Fabrizio; Bucci, Andrea
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