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The Role of Affective and Cognitive Individual Differences in Social Perception 2016 Aquino, Antonio; Haddock, Geoffrey; Maio, Gregory R.; Wolf, Lukas J.; Alparone, Francesca Romana
On vicarious ostracism. Examining the mediators of observers’ reactions towards the target and the sources of ostracism 2017 Paolini, D; Pagliaro, S; Alparone, Francesca Romana; Marotta, F; Van Beest, I
Validation of the italian version of the need for cognition scale – short version 2018 Aquino, Antonio; Picconi, Laura; Alparone, Francesca Romana
The diet and exercise motivation study-demos: diet and physical exercise with remote psychological motivation to improve fitness and cardio-metabolic parameters in primary cardiovascular prevention subjects at heightened risk. 2019 De Innocentiis, Carlo; Ripari, Patrizio; Vitacolonna, Ester; Alparone, Francesca Romana; Mantini, Cesare; Cotroneo, Antonio Raffaele; Ceriello, Laura; Fraticelli, Federica; Franzago, Marica; Pasquali, Mario; Bjukovic, Milka; Picciano, Giuseppe; De Caterina, Raffaele
Millennials' attitude toward chatbots: an experimental study in a social relationship perspective 2020 DE CICCO, Roberta; Silva, Susana C.; Alparone, Francesca Romana
The role of Need for Affect and Need for Cognition in Self-Evaluation 2020 Aquino, Antonio; Haddock, Geoffrey; Maio, Gregory R.; Alparone, Francesca Romana
Sense or sensibility? The neuro-functional basis of the structural matching effect in persuasion 2020 Aquino, A.; Alparone, F. R.; Pagliaro, S.; Haddock, G.; Maio, G. R.; Perrucci, M. G.; Ebisch, S. J. H.
“It’s on its way”: Chatbots applied for online food delivery services, social or task-oriented interaction style? 2021 De Cicco, R.; Silva, S. C. L. D. C. E.; Alparone, F. R.
Understanding Users’ Acceptance of Chatbots: An Extended TAM Approach 2022 De Cicco, Roberta; Iacobucci, Serena; Aquino, Antonio; Romana Alparone, Francesca; Palumbo, Riccardo
The matching effect in persuasive communication about lockdown 2022 Giammusso, I.; Aquino, A.; Alparone, F. R.; Mirisola, A.
Intrinsic Shapes of Empathy: Functional Brain Network Topology Encodes Intersubjective Experience and Awareness Traits 2022 Ebisch, S. J. H.; Scalabrini, A.; Northoff, G.; Mucci, C.; Sergi, M. R.; Saggino, A.; Aquino, A.; Alparone, F. R.; Perrucci, M. G.; Gallese, V.; Di Plinio, S.
Play to Learn: A Game to Improve Seismic-Risk Perception 2023 Filomena, Maria Grazia; Pace, Bruno; De Acetis, Massimo; Aquino, Antonio; Crescimbene, Massimo; Pace, Marina; Alparone, Francesca Romana
Brain and behavioral contributions to individual choices in response to affective-cognitive persuasion 2023 Di Plinio, Simone; Aquino, Antonio; Haddock, Geoffrey; Alparone, Francesca R; Ebisch, Sjoerd J H
Mostrati risultati da 41 a 53 di 53
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