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Intellectual capital disclosure: Some evidence from healthy and distressed banks in Italy 2020 Birindelli, G.; Ferretti, P.; Chiappini, H.; Cosentino, A.
Enhancing efficiency in sustainable markets 2020 La Torre, M.; Chiappini, H.
Impact-leadership e fondi di investimento a impatto sociale e ambientale: quale relazione? 2021 Chiappini, Helen; Giacomini, Emanuela; Marinelli, Nicoletta
Sustainable Finance: Emerging Challenges andOpportunities 2021 La Torre, M.; Chiappini, H.
The impact of covid-19 lockdowns on sustainable indexes 2021 Chiappini, H; Vento, G; De Palma, L
Sustainable Finance and COVID-19 Pandemic:Weathering the Storm and Preventing a New One 2021 Chiappini, Helen
Clean energy indices and brown assets: an analysis of tail risk spillovers through the VAR for VaR model 2022 Angelini, Eliana; Birindelli, Giuliana; Chiappini, Helen; Foglia, Matteo
The Credit Risk of Sustainable Firms during the Pandemic 2022 Cardillo, Giovanni; Chiappini, Helen
Ethical and Sustainable Finance 2022 Chiappini, Helen
Fund managers acting as impact investors: Strategies, practices, and tensions 2022 Bandini, Federica; Chiappini, Helen; Pallara, Francesca
Are ESG indexes a safe-haven or hedging asset? Evidence from the COVID-19 pandemic in China 2022 Pisera, S.; Chiappini, H.
Past, present and future of impact investing and closely related financial vehicles: a literature review 2023 Chiappini, Helen; Nicoletta, Marinelli; Jalal, RAJA NABEEL-UD-DIN; Birindelli, Giuliana
SFDR, investor attention, and European financial markets 2023 Birindelli, G.; Chiappini, H.; Jalal, RAJA NABEEL-UD-DIN
Robo-advisors: a systematic literature review 2024 Cardillo, Giovanni; Chiappini, Helen
Greenwashing, bank financial performance and the moderating role of gender diversity 2024 Birindelli, Giuliana; Chiappini, Helen; Jalal, Raja Nabeel-Ud-Din
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 35 di 35
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