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Barre di meandro nelle alluvioni ghiaiose del Fiume Reno (Bologna). 1979 Ori, Gian Gabriele
Braided to meandering channel pattern in humid region alluvial fan deposits, River Reno, Po Plain (Northern Italy) 1982 Ori, Gian Gabriele
The stratigraphy and sedimentology of the Old Red Sandstone sequence at Dunemore East, County Waterford 1983 Ori, Gian Gabriele; Penney, S. R.
Sedimentary basins formed and carried piggyback on active thrust sheets 1984 Ori, Gian Gabriele; Friend, P. F.
Geometries of Gilbert-tyoe deltas and large scale channels in the Meteora Conglomerate, Meso-Hellenic basin (Oligo-Miocene), central Greece 1987 Ori, Gian Gabriele; Roveri, M.
The nature of Permian rivers in Southern Alps 1988 Ori, Gian Gabriele
Depositional history of Permian continental sequence in the Val trompia - Passo Croce Domini area (Brescian Alps, Italy) 1988 Ori, Gian Gabriele; Dalla, S. AND CASSINIS G.
Geologic history of the extensional basin of the Gulf of Corinth (?Miocene - Pleistocene), Greece 1989 Ori, Gian Gabriele
The Pliocene-Pleistocene Adriatic Foredeep (Marche and Abruzzo, Italy): an integrated approach to surface and subsurface geology 1991 Ori, Gian Gabriele; Serafini, G; Visentin, C; RICCI LUCCHI, F; Casnedi, R; Colalongo, M. L. AND MOSNA S.
Architectural patterns in large-scale Gilbert-type delta complexes (Pleistocene, Gulf of Corinth, Greece). 1991 Ori, Gian Gabriele; M. ROVERI AND G., Nichols
Stratigrafia, facies e sequenze dei depositi torbiditici del Bacino Mesoellenico, Oligocene-Miocene (Grecia Settentrionale) 1991 Ori, Gian Gabriele; L. MASINI AND R., Barbieri
Depositional systems of the Pliocene-Pleistocene Adriatic Foredeep (Central Italy) from surface and subsurface data 1993 Ori, Gian Gabriele; Serafini, G; Visentin, C; RICCI LUCCHI, F; Casnedi, R; Colalongo, M. L. AND MOSNA S.
Continental depositional systems of the Quaternary of the Po Plain (Northern Italy) 1993 Ori, Gian Gabriele
Potentiality of the ground-penetrating radar for the analysis of the stratigraphy and sedimentology of Mars 1996 Ori, Gian Gabriele; F., Ogliani
Seismic evidence of glacial to marine sedimentation during the Late Quaternary offshore Bornholm, southern Baltic 1996 Perini, L.; Missiaen, T; Ori, Gian Gabriele
Fluid dynamics of liquids on Titan's surface 1998 Ori, Gian Gabriele; Marinangeli, Lucia; Baliva, Antonio; Bressan, Mario; STROM ROBERT, G.
Complex depositional systems in Hydraotes Chaos, Mars: An example of sedimentary process interactions in the Martian hydrological cycle 1998 Ori, Gian Gabriele; Mosangini, C.
Hydrodynamic of the Liquids in Motion on Titan 1998 Ori, Gian Gabriele; Baliva, Antonio; Marinangeli, Lucia; Bressan, Mario; R. G., Strom
Exobiology of the Solar System and the search for life on Mars, European Space Agency 1999 ESA EXOBIOLOGY STUDY, Team; Ori, Gian Gabriele
Neogene palaeoenvironmental evolution in the Atlantic side of the Rifian Corridor (Morocco 2000 Barbieri, R; Ori, Gian Gabriele
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