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Physiological cholesterol concentration is a neuroprotective factor against β-amyloid and β-amyloid-metal complexes toxicity 2011 Granzotto, Alberto; Suwalsky, M.; Zatta, P.
Beta-amyloid toxicity increases with hydrophobicity in the presence of metal ions 2011 Granzotto, Alberto; Bolognin, Silvia; Scancar, Janez; Milacic, Radmila; Zatta, Paolo
Resveratrol acts not through Anti-Aggregative pathways but mainly via its scavenging properties against Aβ and Aβ-metal complexes toxicity 2011 Granzotto, Alberto; Zatta, Paolo
Beta-amyloid toxicity increases with hydrophobicity in the presence of metal ions 2012 Granzotto, Alberto; Bolognin, Silvia; Scancar, Janez; Milacic, Radmila; Zatta, Paolo
Metal ions and beta amyloid: Conformational modifications and biological aspects 2012 Granzotto, Alberto; Zatta, Paolo
Microarray analysis of gene expression profiles in human neuroblastomacells exposed to Abeta;–Zn and Abeta;–Cu complexes 2012 Gatta, Valentina; Granzotto, Alberto; K., Fincati; Drago, D.; S., Bolognin; P., Zatta; Sensi, Stefano
nNOS(+) striatal neurons, a subpopulation spared in Huntington's Disease, possess functional NMDA receptors but fail to generate mitochondrial ROS in response to an excitotoxic challenge 2013 Canzoniero, Lorella M. T.; Granzotto, Alberto; Turetsky, Dorothy M.; Choi, Dennis W.; Dugan, Laura L.; Sensi, Stefano L.
Early and sustained altered expression of aging-related genes in young 3xTg-AD mice. 2014 Gatta, Valentina; D'Aurora, Marco; Granzotto, Alberto; Stuppia, Liborio; Sensi, Stefano
Resveratrol and Alzheimer's disease: Message in a bottle on red wine and cognition 2014 Granzotto, Alberto; Zatta, Paolo
Intracellular zinc is a critical intermediate in the excitotoxic cascade 2015 Granzotto, Alberto; Sensi, Stefano
Pyruvate prevents the development of age-dependent cognitive deficits in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease without reducing amyloid and tau pathology 2015 Isopi, Elisa; Granzotto, Alberto; Corona, Carlo; Bomba, Manuela; Ciavardelli, Domenico; Curcio, Michele; Canzoniero, Lorella M. T.; Navarra, Riccardo; Lattanzio, Rossano; Piantelli, Mauro; Sensi, Stefano
Copper and Zinc Dysregulation in Alzheimer's Disease 2018 Sensi, S. L.; Granzotto, A.; Siotto, M.; Squitti, R.
The pharmacological perturbation of brain zinc impairs BDNF-related signalling and the cognitive performances of young mice 2018 Frazzini, Valerio; Granzotto, Alberto; Bomba, Manuela; Massetti, Noemi; Castelli, Vanessa; D'Aurora, Marco; Punzi, Miriam; Iorio, Mariangela; Mosca, Alessandra; Delli Pizzi, Stefano; Gatta, Valentina; Cimini, Annamaria; Sensi, Stefano L.
Influence of APOE and RNF219 on behavioral and cognitive features of female patients affected by mild cognitive impairment or Alzheimer's disease 2018 Mosca, Alessandra; Sperduti, Samantha; Pop, Viorela; Ciavardelli, Domenico; Granzotto, Alberto; Punzi, Miriam; Stuppia, Liborio; Gatta, Valentina; Assogna, Francesca; Banaj, Nerisa; Piras, Fabrizio; Piras, Federica; Caltagirone, Carlo; Spalletta, Gianfranco; Sensi, Stefano L.
Exenatide exerts cognitive effects by modulating the BDNF-TrkB neurotrophic axis in adult mice 2018 Bomba, Manuela; Granzotto, Alberto; Castelli, Vanessa; Massetti, Noemi; Silvestri, Elena; Canzoniero, Lorella M. T.; Cimini, Annamaria; Sensi, Stefano L.
Intracellular zinc mobilization is required for nNOS (+) neuron loss. Role of zinc in the excitotoxic cascade 2019 Granzotto, Alberto; Sensi, Stefano L.
Inhibition of de novo ceramide biosynthesis affects aging phenotype in an in vitro model of neuronal senescence 2019 Granzotto, A.; Bomba, M.; Castelli, V.; Navarra, R.; Massetti, N.; D'Aurora, M.; Onofrj, M.; Cicalini, I.; Boccio, P.; Gatta, V.; Cimini, A.; Piomelli, D.; Sensi, S. L.
Exenatide Reverts the High-Fat-Diet-Induced Impairment of BDNF Signaling and Inflammatory Response in an Animal Model of Alzheimer's Disease 2019 Bomba, Manuela; Granzotto, Alberto; Castelli, Vanessa; Onofrj, Marco; Lattanzio, Rossano; Cimini, Annamaria; Sensi, Stefano L
Acting before; a combined strategy to counteract the onset and progression of dementia 2020 Delli Pizzi, S.; Granzotto, A.; Bomba, M.; Frazzini, V.; Onofrj, M.; Sensi, S. L.
A Neurotoxic Ménage-à-trois: Glutamate, Calcium, and Zinc in the Excitotoxic Cascade 2020 Granzotto, A.; Canzoniero, L. M. T.; Sensi, S. L.
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