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Magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging 3T and prostate cancer: correlation with transperineal ultrasound guided prostate biopsy 2015 Castellucci, Roberto; Altieri, VINCENZO MARIA; Marchioni, Michele; Castellan, Pietro; Pellegrini, Maurizio; Álvarez maestro, Mario; Sánchez gómez, Javier; DE FRANCESCO, Piergustavo; Ingrosso, Manuela; Tartaro, Armando; Tenaglia, Raffaele
The Use of Haemostatic Agents and Sealants for the Prevention of Lymphocele After Urological Surgery: A Review of the Literature 2015 Marchioni, Michele; Ingrosso, Manuela; De Francesco, Piergustavo; Primiceri, Giulia; Manco, Rossella; Tenaglia, Raffaele Lanfranco
The Clinical Use of the Neutrophil to Lymphocyte Ratio (NLR) in Urothelial Cancer: A Systematic Review. 2016 Marchioni, M; Primiceri, G; Ingrosso, M; Filograna, R; Castellan, P; De Francesco, P; Schips, L.
Infective complications after retrograde intrarenal surgery: a new standardized classification system. 2016 Berardinelli, F; De Francesco, P; Marchioni, M; Cera, N; Proietti, S; Hennessey, D; Dalpiaz, O; Cracco, C; Scoffone, C; Schips, L; Giusti, G; Cindolo, L
Primary Vaginal Calculus in a Woman with Disability: Case Report and Literature Review 2017 Castellan, Pietro; Nicolai, Michele; De Francesco, Piergustavo; Di Tizio, Luciano; Castellucci, Roberto; Bada, Maida; Marchioni, Michele; Cindolo, Luca; Schips, Luigi
Impact of diagnostic ureteroscopy on intravesical recurrence in patients undergoing radical nephroureterectomy for upper tract urothelial cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis 2017 Marchioni, M; Primiceri, G; Cindolo, L; Hampton, Lj; Grob Mb Guruli, G; Schips, L; Shariat, Sf; Autorino, R.
Survival of metastatic renal cell carcinoma patients continues to improve over time, even in targeted therapy era 2017 Marchioni, M; Bandini, M; Pompe, Rs; Tian, Z; Martel, T; Kapoor, A; Cindolo, L; Berardinelli, F; Briganti, A; Shariat, Sf; Schips, L; Karakiewicz, Pi
Multiple chromophobe and clear cell renal cancer in a patient affected by Birt-Hogg-Dubè syndrome: a case report 2017 Castellucci, Roberto; Marchioni, Michele; Valenti, Sergio; Sortino, Giuseppe; Borgonovo, Giulio; Pesenti, Nicola; Vismara, Alberto C A; Circo, Maria C; Sessa, Barbara; Micheli, Emanuele; Lembo, Antonino
High Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte Ratio as Prognostic Factor in Patients Affected by Upper Tract Urothelial Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. 2017 Marchioni, M; Cindolo, L; Autorino, R; Primiceri, G; Arcaniolo, D; De Sio, M; Schips, L.
Bladder Neck Contracture After Endoscopic Surgery for Benign Prostatic Obstruction: Incidence, Treatment, and Outcomes 2017 Primiceri, Giulia; Castellan, Pietro; Marchioni, Michele; Schips, Luigi; Cindolo, Luca
Bladder neck contracture after surgery for benign prostatic obstruction. 2017 Cindolo, L; Marchioni, M; Emiliani, E; De Francesco, P; Primiceri, G; Castellan, P; Schips, L.
Marital status and gender affect stage, tumor grade, treatment type and cancer specific mortality in T1-2 N0 M0 renal cell carcinoma 2017 Marchioni, M; Martel, T; Bandini, M; Pompe, Rs; Tian, Z; Kapoor, A; Cindolo, L; Autorino, R; Briganti, A; Shariat, Sf; Schips, L; Karakiewicz, Pi
Leydig cell tumor in a 53-year-old patient with gynecomastia and gynecodynia: A case report and literature review 2017 De Francesco, P.; Ghahhari, J.; Castellan, P.; Nicolai, MARIO ALESSIO; De Luca, G.; Marchioni, M.; Primiceri, G.; Rizzoli, A.; D'Orta, G.; Ingrosso, M.; Berardinelli, F.; Cindolo, L.; Schips, L.
RIRS in the elderly: Is it feasible and safe? 2017 Berardinelli, F.; De Francesco, P.; Marchioni, M.; Cera, N.; Proietti, S.; Hennessey, D.; Dalpiaz, O.; Cracco, C.; Scoffone, C.; Giusti, G.; Cindolo, L.; Schips, L.
External Beam Radiotherapy Affects Serum Testosterone in Patients With Localized Prostate Cancer 2017 Pompe, R. S.; Karakiewicz, P. I.; Zaffuto, E.; Smith, A.; Bandini, M.; Marchioni, M.; Tian, Z.; Leyh-Bannurah, S. -R.; Schiffmann, J.; Delouya, G.; Lambert, C.; Bahary, J. -P.; Beauchemin, M. C.; Barkati, M.; Menard, C.; Graefen, M.; Saad, F.; Tilki, D.; Taussky, D.
The surgical experience influences the safety and efficacy of photovaporization of prostate with 180-w xps greenlight laser: Comparison between novices vs expert surgeons learning curves 2018 Castellan, P.; Marchioni, M.; Rizzoli, A.; Di Nicola, M.; Porfilio, I.; Ghahhari, J.; Greco, F.; DEL GROSSO, Giovanni; Schips, L.; Cindolo, L.
Trend of Adverse Stage Migration in Patients Treated with Radical Prostatectomy for Localized Prostate Cancer 2018 Preisser, F.; Marchioni, M.; Nazzani, S.; Bandini, M.; Tian, Z.; Saad, F.; Pompe, R. S.; Briganti, A.; Budaus, L.; Montorsi, F.; Huland, H.; Graefen, M.; Tilki, D.; Karakiewicz, P. I.
Comparison of Partial Versus Radical Nephrectomy Effect on Other-cause Mortality, Cancer-specific Mortality, and 30-day Mortality in Patients Older Than 75 Years 2018 Marchioni, Michele; Preisser, Felix; Bandini, Marco; Nazzani, Sebastiano; Tian, Zhe; Kapoor, Anil; Cindolo, Luca; Abdollah, Firas; Tilki, Derya; Briganti, Alberto; Montorsi, Francesco; Shariat, Shahrokh F.; Schips, Luigi; Karakiewicz, Pierre I.
Partial nephrectomy seems to confer a survival benefit relative to radical nephrectomy in metastatic renal cell carcinoma 2018 Mazzone, E.; Nazzani, S.; Preisser, F.; Tian, Z.; Marchioni, M.; Bandini, M.; Capitanio, U.; Kapoor, A.; Tilki, D.; Montorsi, F.; Shariat, S. F.; Saad, F.; Briganti, A.; I. Karakiewicz, P.
The Effect of Other-cause Mortality Adjustment on Access to Alternative Treatment Modalities for Localized Prostate Cancer Among African American Patients 2018 Bandini, M.; Preisser, F.; Nazzani, S.; Marchioni, M.; Tian, Z.; Mazzone, E.; Graefen, M.; Montorsi, F.; Shariat, S. F.; Saad, F.; Briganti, A.; Karakiewicz, P. I.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 156
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