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Report on the Mars Conference in Tucson 1989 Komatsu, Goro
Report on the 21st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Houston 1990 Komatsu, Goro
What did Magellan see on the hot planet? 1991 Komatsu, Goro
Start of Venus mapping by the Magellan spacecraft 1991 Komatsu, Goro
Ancient oceans and ice sheets and the hydrological cycle on Mars 1991 V. R., Baker; R. G., Strom; V. C., Gulick; J. S., Kargel; Komatsu, Goro; V. S., Kale
Morphostructural megageomorphology 1992 V. R., Baker; V. J., Finn; Komatsu, Goro
Search for Earth approaching asteroids 1992 Komatsu, Goro
Canali-type channels on Venus: some genetic constraints 1992 Komatsu, Goro; J. S., Kargel; V. R., Baker
Channels and valleys on Venus: Preliminary analysis of Magellan data 1992 V. R., Baker; Komatsu, Goro; T. J., Parker; V. C., Gulick; J. S., Kargel; J. S., Lewis
Lava channels on Venus 1993 Komatsu, Goro
The volcanology of Venus landing sites and the geochemistry of Venus 1993 J. S., Kargel; Komatsu, Goro; V. R., Baker; R. G., Strom
An unusual spectral unit in west Candor Chasma: Evidence for aqueous or hydrothermal alteration in the Martian canyons 1993 P. E., Geissler; R. B., Singer; Komatsu, Goro; S., Murchie; J., Mustard
Venusian channels and valleys: Distribution and volcanological implications 1993 Komatsu, Goro; V. R., Baker; V. C., Gulick; T. J., Parker
Stratigraphy and erosional landforms of layered deposits in Valles Marineris, Mars 1993 Komatsu, Goro; P. E., Geissler; R. G., Strom; R. B., Singer
Volcanism on Venus 1994 Komatsu, Goro
Landslides on Mars 1994 Shaller, P. J.; Komatsu, Goro
Plains tectonism on Venus: Inferences from canali longitudinal profiles 1994 Komatsu, Goro; V. R., Baker
Meander properties of Venusian channels 1994 Komatsu, Goro; V. R., Baker
Progress report on Mars Pathfinder 1995 Komatsu, Goro
Planetary geology in U.S.A. 1995 Komatsu, Goro
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 225
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