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Rosette formation with mouse erythrocytes by lymphocytes from normal donors and patients with various diseases 1979 Pandolfi, F; Paganelli, R; Sirianni, M C; D'Amelio, R; Aiuti, F
Maternal smoking and cord blood immunity function 1979 Paganelli, R; Ramadas, D; Layward, L; Harvey, B A; Soothill, J F
Mouse rosette forming cells and surface immunoglobulins in human lymphoid cells 1979 Pandolfi, F; Paganelli, R; Ragona, G; Quinti, I; Aiuti, F
Circulating immune complexes in onchocerciasis 1980 Paganelli, R; Ngu, J L; Levinsky, R J
Solid phase radioimmunoassay for detection of circulating food protein antigens in human serum 1980 Paganelli, R.; Levinsky, R. J.
Aplacebo-controlled trial of thymic hormone treatment of recurrent herpes simplex labialis infection in immunodeficient host: results after a 1-year follow-up 1984 Aiuti, F; Sirianni, Mc; Fiorilli, M; Paganelli, Roberto; Stella, A; Turbessi, G.
Interferon production in primary immunodeficiencies 1984 Matricardi, Pm; Capobianchi, Mr; Paganelli, Roberto; Facchini, J; Sirianni, Mc; Seminara, R; Dianzani, F; Aiuti, F.
Defective interferon-gamma production in ataxia-telangiectasia 1984 Paganelli, Roberto; Capobianchi, Mr; Matricardi, Pm; Cioè, L; Seminara, R; Dianzani, F; Aiuti, F.
Serum IgG, IgA, IgM, IgE, salivary IgA levels and lung function in a healthy malepopulation from the Italian Air Force: a preliminary study 1984 D'Amelio, R; Fattorossi, A; Berti, R; Rossi, P; Paganelli, Roberto; Castagliuolo, Pp
Bonemarrow transplantation and thymopoietin pentapeptide treatment in two infantswith immunodeficiency with predominant T-cell defects 1984 Businco, L; Rossi, P; Paganelli, Roberto; Galli, E; Digilio, G; Lulli, P; Aiuti, F.
Isotypic analysis of antibody response to a food antigen in inflammatory bowel disease 1985 Paganelli, Roberto; Pallone, F; Montano, S; Le Moli, S; Matricardi, Pm; Fais, S; Paoluzi, P; D'Amelio, R; Aiuti, F.
A study ofIgE in immunoglobulin preparations for intravenous administration. I. IgE inintravenous IgG 1986 Paganelli, Roberto; Quinti, I; D'Offizi, Gp; Papetti, C; Cabello, A; Aiuti, F.
Hypogammaglobulinemia with hyper-IgM, severe T-celldefect, and abnormal recirculation of OKT4 lymphocytes in a girl with chroniclymphadenopathy 1986 Fiorilli, M; Russo, G; Paganelli, Roberto; Papetti, C; Carbonari, M; Crescenzi, M; Calvani, M; Quinti, I; Aiuti, F.
Results in two infants with the DiGeorge syndrome--effects of long-term TP5 1986 Businco, L; Rubaltelli, Ff; Paganelli, Roberto; Galli, E; Ensoli, B; Betti, P; Aiuti, F.
The role of antigenic absorption andcirculating immune complexes in food allergy 1986 Paganelli, Roberto; Cavagni, G; Pallone, F.
Cow's milk hypersensitivity in an elderly woman: clinical and immunologic findings 1986 Paganelli, Roberto; Sgambato, F; Carbonari, M; Buono, G; Bonomo, R; Pontesilli, O.
IgG anti-IgE in circulating immune complexes in the hyper-IgE syndrome 1986 Paganelli, Roberto; Quinti, I; Carbonari, M; Pontesilli, O; D'Offizi, Gp; Letta, T; Aiuti, F.
Evaluation of the presence of RF-like activities in immunoglobulin preparationsfor intravenous use. I. IgG anti-IgE in intravenous Ig 1987 Quinti, I; Papetti, C; Paganelli, Roberto; D'Amelio, R; Nisini, R; D'Offizi, G; Aiuti, F.
Clinical and immunological findings in four infants withOmenn's syndrome: a form of severe combined immunodeficiency with phenotypically normal T cells, elevated IgE, and eosinophilia 1987 Businco, L; Di Fazio, A; Ziruolo, Mg; Boner, Al; Valletta, Ea; Ruco, Lp; Vitolo, D; Ensoli, B; Paganelli, Roberto
Peripheral and intestinal lymphocyte activation after in vitro exposure to cow's milk antigens in normal subjects and in patients with Crohn's disease 1987 Biancone, L; Paganelli, Roberto; Fais, S; Squarcia, O; D'Offizi, G; Pallone, F.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 206
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