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HIF1-positive and HIF1-negative glioblastoma cells compete in vitro but cooperate in tumor growth in vivo 2010 Fiorenzo, Paolo; Mongiardi, Maria Patrizia; Dimitri, Diletta; Cozzolino, Mauro; Ferri, Alberto; Montano, Nicola; Trevisi, Gianluca; Maira, Giulio; Battistini, Luca; Falchetti, Maria Laura; Levi, Andrea; Pallini, Roberto
Usefulness of 11C-Methionine Positron Emission Tomography in Differential Diagnosis between Recurrent Tumours and Radiation Necro-sis in Patients with Glioma: An Overview 2012 Vittoria Mattoli, Maria; Treglia, Giorgio; Trevisi, Gianluca; Muoio, Barbara; Cason, Ernesto
"Blinding" empty sella: can lumbar puncture be avoided? 2012 Frassanito, P; De Bonis, P; Caputo, Cg; Mangiola, A; Pompucci, A; Nucci, Cg; Trevisi, G; Anile, C.
Antiplatelet/anticoagulant agents and chronic subdural hematoma in the elderly 2013 De Bonis, Pasquale; Trevisi, Gianluca; de Waure, Chiara; Sferrazza, Antonella; Volpe, Massimo; Pompucci, Angelo; Anile, Carmelo; Mangiola, Annunziato
Idiopathic cerebrospinal fluid overproduction: case-based review of the pathophysiological mechanism implied in the cerebrospinal fluid production 2014 Trevisi, G.; Frassanito, P.; di Rocco, C.
The role of laminoplasty in preventing spinal deformity in adult patients submitted to resection of an intradural spinal tumor. Case series and literature review 2014 Montano, N.; Trevisi, G.; Cioni, B.; Lucantoni, C.; Della Pepa, G. M.; Meglio, M.; Papacci, F.
Myelomeningocele: an overview 2014 Di Rocco, C.; Trevisi, G.; Massimi, L.
Odontoid process and clival regeneration with Chiari malformation worsening after transoral decompression: an unexpected and previously unreported cause of "accordion phenomenon" 2015 Visocchi, M.; Trevisi, G.; Iacopino, D. G.; Tamburrini, G.; Caldarelli, M.; Barbagallo, G. M. V.
Motor cortex stimulation for movement disorders 2016 Cioni, Beatrice; Tufo, Tommaso; Bentivoglio, Annarita; Trevisi, Gianluca; Piano, Carla
Comparison of computer-assisted planning and manual planning for depth electrode implantations in epilepsy 2016 Nowell, M.; Sparks, R.; Zombori, G.; Miserocchi, A.; Rodionov, R.; Diehl, B.; Wehner, T.; Baio, G.; Trevisi, G.; Tisdall, M.; Ourselin, S.; Mcevoy, A. W.; Duncan, J.
Awake surgery for hemispheric low-grade gliomas: oncological, functional and methodological differences between pediatric and adult populations 2016 Trevisi, G.; Roujeau, T.; Duffau, H.
Factors affecting functional outcome in patients with intramedullary spinal cord tumors: results from a literature analysis 2017 Montano, N.; Papacci, F.; Trevisi, G.; Fernandez, E.
The interference of Notch1 target Hes1 affects cell growth, differentiation and invasiveness of glioblastoma stem cells through modulation of multiple oncogenic targets 2017 Cenciarelli, C; Marei, He; Zonfrillo, M; Casalbore, P; Felsani, A; Giannetti, S; Trevisi, G; Althani, A; Mangiola, A.
Probabilistic electrical stimulation mapping of human medial frontal cortex 2018 Trevisi, G.; Eickhoff, S. B.; Chowdhury, F.; Jha, A.; Rodionov, R.; Nowell, M.; Miserocchi, A.; Mcevoy, A. W.; Nachev, P.; Diehl, B.
The lncRNA H19 positively affects the tumorigenic properties of glioblastoma cells and contributes to NKD1 repression through the recruitment of EZH2 on its promoter 2018 Fazi, Barbara; Garbo, Sabrina; Toschi, Nicola; Mangiola, Annunziato; Lombari, Malinska; Sicari, Daria; Battistelli, Cecilia; Galardi, Silvia; Michienzi, Alessandro; Trevisi, Gianluca; Harari-Steinfeld, Rona; Cicchini, Carla; Ciafrè, Silvia Anna
Chronic subdural hematoma in patients aged 80 years and older: A two-centre study 2018 De Bonis, Pasquale; Olei, Simone; Mongardi, Lorenzo; Cavallo, Michele Alessandro; Santantonio, Mariaconsiglia; Trevisi, Gianluca; Anile, Carmelo; Mangiola, Annunziato
What Is the Best Timing of Repeated CT Scan in Mild Head Trauma with an Initially Positive CT Scan? 2018 Trevisi, Gianluca; Scerrati, Alba; Peppucci, Elisabetta; Dewaure, Chiara; Anile, Carmelo; Mangiola, Annunziato
Optic nerve glioblastoma detected by 11C-Methionine brain PET/CT 2018 Rizzo, V.; Mattoli, M. V.; Trevisi, G.; Coli, A.; Calcagni, M. L.; Montano, N.
Diagnostic Performance and Prognostic Value of PET/CT with Different Tracers for Brain Tumors: A Systematic Review of Published Meta-Analyses 2019 Treglia, G.; Muoio, B.; Trevisi, G.; Mattoli, M. V.; Albano, D.; Bertagna, F.; Giovanella, L.
One-stage frame-guided resection and reconstruction with PEEK custom-made prostheses for predominantly intraosseous meningiomas: technical notes and a case series 2019 Bianchi, F.; Signorelli, F.; Di Bonaventura, R.; Trevisi, G.; Pompucci, A.
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