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Mitigation of three-dimensional vibrations of a frame structure using magnetorheological dampers 2007 Carneiro, R.; Gattulli, V.; Lepidi, M.; Potenza, F.
Analytical prediction and experimental validation for longitudinal control of cable oscillations 2008 Gattulli, V.; Alaggio, R.; Potenza, F.
Seismic protection of frame structures via semi-active control: Modeling and implementation issues 2009 Gattulli, V.; Lepidi, M.; Potenza, F.
Structural performance of the historic and modern buildings of the University of L'Aquila during the seismic events of April 2009 2010 Ceci, A. M.; Contento, A.; Fanale, L.; Galeota, D.; Gattulli, V.; Lepidi, M.; Potenza, F.
An integrated approach to the design of wireless sensor networks for structural health monitoring 2012 Federici, F.; Graziosi, F.; Faccio, M.; Colarieti, A.; Gattulli, V.; Lepidi, M.; Potenza, F.
Structural health monitoring of the basilica s. Maria di collemaggio 2013 Gattulli, V.; Graziosi, F.; Federici, F.; Potenza, F.; Colarieti, A.; Lepidi, M.
Serviceability and damage scenario in irregular RC structures: Post-earthquake observations and modeling predictions 2013 Ceci, A. M.; Gattulli, V.; Potenza, F.
Damping performance of two simple oscillators coupled by a visco-elastic connection 2013 Gattulli, V.; Potenza, F.; Lepidi, M.
Output-only identification and model updating by dynamic testing in unfavorable conditions of a seismically damaged building 2014 Foti, D.; Gattulli, V.; Potenza, F.
Design of wireless sensor nodes for structural health monitoring applications 2014 Federici, F.; Alesii, R.; Colarieti, A.; Faccio, M.; Graziosi, F.; Gattulli, V.; Potenza, F.
Seismic Retrofitting and Structural Health Monitoring of a Masonry Vault by using GFRP Grids with Embedded FBG Sensors 2015 Gattulli, V.; Potenza, F.; Toti, J.; Valvona, F.
Optimal design of visco-elastic devices coupling two simple oscillator under seismic excitation 2015 Gattulli, V.; Potenza, F.
New insights in the modal identification of a monumental structure from long-term seismic structural monitoring 2015 Di Sabatino, U.; Gattulli, V.; Lepidi, M.; Potenza, F.
Modeling a planar point mass sagged cable-suspended manipulator 2015 Ottaviano, E.; Gattulli, V.; Potenza, F.; Rea, P.
Long-term structural monitoring of the damaged Basilica S. Maria di Collemaggio through a low-cost wireless sensor network 2015 Potenza, F.; Federici, F.; Lepidi, M.; Gattulli, V.; Graziosi, F.; Colarieti, A.
Time evolution of modal parameters identified using WSN data collected by seismic structural monitoring of a monumental church 2015 Potenza, F.; Lepidi, M.; Di Sabatino, U.; Gattulli, V.
On protecting and managing slender buildings from risk events via a Multitask Monitoring Network 2015 Carnimeo, L.; Foti, D.; Potenza, F.
Identification of parametric non-physical linear systems to reproduce seismic induced response 2015 Gattulli, V.; Potenza, F.; Lepidi, M.; Di Sabatino, U.
Dynamics of masonry walls connected by a vibrating cable in a historic structure 2016 Gattulli, Vincenzo; Lepidi, Marco; Potenza, Francesco; Di Sabatino, Umberto
Seismic performance of a mixed masonry-reinforced concrete building 2016 Gattulli, V.; Potenza, F.; Valvona, F.
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