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A World Within the World. George Gissing’s Vision of Art and Literature 2018 Ettorre, Emanuela
"Uplifted above love and hate": Isabella Lucy Bird an the Experience of the Rocky Mountains 2018 Ettorre, Emanuela
"Between Heaven and Hell: Biblical Allusions and Darwinian Intertextuality in the Gardens of Tess of the D'Urbervilles" 2018 Ettorre, Emanuela
"The Place of the Artist in Gissing’s Poetics" 2018 Ettorre, Emanuela; Teresa Chialant, Maria; Huguet, Christine
Deconstructing Natural and Post-Natural Binaries: Thomas Hardy, George Gissing and the Places of Unfitness 2019 Ettorre, Emanuela
"Wilkie Collins' Heart and Science and the Axiological Indeterminacy of Medical Discourse" 2019 Ettorre, Emanuela
Hubert Crackanthorpe: Selected Writings 2020 Ettorre, Emanuela; Greenslade, William
Thomas Hardy and the Question of Senescence 2021 Ettorre, Emanuela
Preface 2021 Ettorre, Emanuela; Antosa, Silvia; Costantini, Mariaconcetta
"George Gissing's Language of Food Between Industrial Modernity and Proto-Ecological Discourse" 2021 Ettorre, Emanuela
"Towards the (Im)Probable Ecocentric Encounter: Isabella Lucy Bird amongst the Tibetans" 2021 Ettorre, Emanuela
Different Voices. Gender and Posthumanism 2022 Partenza, Paola; Karadag, Ozlem; Ettorre, Emanuela
"Truth, Lies, and Fiction in (non-)Narratives: Towards a Truer Picture of Richard Jefferies's Amaryllis at the Fair 2022 Ettorre, Emanuela
Thomas Hardy's Idiosyncratic Posthumanism and the (Im)possibility of Entanglement 2022 Ettorre, Emanuela
Preface 2022 Partenza, Paola; Biswas Mellamphy, Nandita; Brooke Ulmer, Jasmine; Margaroni, Maria; Ettorre, Emanuela; ́, Sanja Sostaric; S ̧avkay, Canan; Karadag, Özlem; Saracino, Marilena; Ezber, Gökçen
Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go: the Performative Function of Literature and the Discourse on Human-ess and Identity 2022 Saracino, Marilena; Partenza, Paola; Karadag, Özlem; Ettorre, Emanuela
Looking Beyond Disability: George Gissing and the Challenge of the Senescent Self 2023 Ettorre, Emanuela
Mostrati risultati da 41 a 57 di 57
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