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Il ruolo delle caratteristiche acustiche e contestuali nel riconoscimento delle cause del pianto 2016 Zanchi, Paola; Fasolo, Mirco; Spinelli, Maria; Zampini, Laura; Suttora, Chiara; Salerni, Nicoletta
‘I still have difficulties feeling like a mother’: The transition to motherhood of preterm infants mothers 2016 Spinelli, Maria; Frigerio, A; Fasolo, Mirco; Montali, L; Spada, Ms; Mangili, G.
Assessing sequential reasoning skills in typically developing children 2017 Zampini, L; Zanchi, P; Suttora, C; Spinelli, Maria; Fasolo, Mirco; Salerni, N.
The Pointing–Vocal Coupling Progression in the First Half of the Second Year of Life 2017 Aureli, Tiziana; Spinelli, Maria; Fasolo, Mirco; Garito, Maria Concetta; Perucchini, Paola; D'Odorico, Laura
Does prosody make the difference? A meta-analysis on relations between prosodic aspects of infant-directed speech and infant outcomes 2017 Spinelli, Maria; Fasolo, Mirco; Mesman, Judi
Relationships between structural and acoustic properties of maternal talk and children’s early word recognition 2017 Suttora, Chiara; Salerni, Nicoletta; Zanchi, Paola; Zampini, Laura; Spinelli, Maria; Fasolo, Mirco
The influence of early temperament on language development: The moderating role of maternal input 2018 Spinelli, Maria; Fasolo, Mirco; Shah, Prachi E.; Genovese, Giuliana; Aureli, Tiziana
The Regulation of Infant Negative Emotions: The Role of Maternal Sensitivity and Infant-Directed Speech Prosody 2018 Spinelli, Maria; Mesman, Judi
It is a matter of how you say it: Verbal content and prosody matching as an index of emotion regulation strategies during the Adult Attachment Interview 2019 Spinelli, Maria; Fasolo, Mirco; Coppola, Gabrielle; Aureli, Tiziana
Parenting Stress During the COVID-19 Outbreak: Socioeconomic and Environmental Risk Factors and Implications for Children Emotion Regulation 2020 Spinelli, M.; Lionetti, F.; Setti, A.; Fasolo, M.
Infant-directed speech as a simplified but not simple register: A longitudinal study of lexical and syntactic features 2020 Genovese, G.; Spinelli, M.; Romero Lauro, L. J.; Aureli, T.; Castelletti, G.; Fasolo, M.
Mind-mindedness and parenting stress: A cross-sectional study in a cohort of mothers of 3-month-old full-term and preterm infants 2020 Suttora, C.; Spinelli, M.; Aureli, T.; Fasolo, M.; Lionetti, F.; Picciolini, O.; Ravasi, M.; Salerni, N.
Parents' Stress and Children's Psychological Problems in Families Facing the COVID-19 Outbreak in Italy 2020 Spinelli, M.; Lionetti, F.; Pastore, M.; Fasolo, M.
Verbal - prosodic association when narrating early caregiving experiences during the adult attachment interview: differences between secure and dismissing individuals 2020 Spinelli, Maria; Aureli, Tiziana; Coppola, Gabrielle; Ponzetti, Silvia; Lionetti, Francesca; Scialpi, Valentina; Fasolo, Mirco
What Happens at a Dental Surgery When the Patient is a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder? An Italian Study 2020 Logrieco, M. G. M.; Ciuffreda, G. N.; Sinjari, B.; Spinelli, M.; Rossi, R.; D'Addazio, G.; Lionetti, F.; Caputi, S.; Fasolo, M.
The Children's Sleep Habits Questionnaire: Identification of sleep dimensions, normative values, and associations with behavioral problems in Italian preschoolers 2021 Lionetti, F.; Dellagiulia, A.; Verderame, C.; Sperati, A.; Bodale, G.; Spinelli, M.; Fasolo, M.
Singing to infants matters: Early singing interactions affect musical preferences and facilitate vocabulary building 2021 Franco, F.; Suttora, C.; Spinelli, M.; Kozar, I.; Fasolo, M.
Is premature birth an environmental sensitivity factor? A scoping review protocol 2021 Lionetti, Francesca; Dellagiulia, Antonio; Prudentino, Giulia; Spinelli, Maria; Pluess, Michael; Fasolo, Mirco
Protective and risk activities for emotional and behavioural well-being of children and adolescents during the COVID-19 lockdown 2022 Nicoli, I.; Spinelli, M.; Lionetti, F.; Logrieco, M. G.; Fasolo, M.
Risk and protective factors of quality of life for children with autism spectrum disorder and their families during the COVID-19 lockdown. An Italian study 2022 Logrieco, M. G.; Casula, L.; Ciuffreda, G. N.; Novello, R. L.; Spinelli, M.; Lionetti, F.; Nicoli, I.; Fasolo, M.; Valeri, G.; Vicari, S.
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 59
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