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Nome #
Electrical stimulation of denervated muscles: first results of a clinical study., file e4233f14-ece3-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 177
Oxygen Consumption and Basal Metabolic Rate as Markers of Susceptibility to Malignant Hyperthermia and Heat Stroke, file 56df30d3-aceb-4e47-906d-ea5e8ab7db1f 99
Endothelial cells from umbilical cord of women affected by gestational diabetes: A suitable in vitro model to study mechanisms of early vascular senescence in diabetes, file e4233f18-ccde-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 58
Transverse tubule remodeling enhances orai1-dependent Ca2+ entry in skeletal muscle, file e4233f17-5630-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 54
The mitochondrial calcium uniporter controls skeletal muscle trophism in vivo, file e4233f14-e70c-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 53
Age-dependent uncoupling of mitochondria from Ca2+ release units in skeletal muscle, file e4233f16-30f2-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 50
Pre-assembled Ca2+ entry units and constitutively active Ca2+ entry in skeletal muscle of calsequestrin-1 knockout mice, file e4233f17-d590-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 44
DRP1-mediated mitochondrial shape controls calcium homeostasis and muscle mass, file e4233f17-6595-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 40
A sub-population of rat muscle fibers maintains an assessable excitation-contraction coupling mechanism after long-standing denervation, despite lost contractility, file e4233f17-e172-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 36
Aging and Possible Benefits or Negatives of Lifelong Endurance Running: How Master Male Athletes Differ from Young Athletes and Elderly Sedentary? †, file baab69f3-9059-497e-abec-eb08a414256b 34
The ryanodine receptor of striated muscle: a complex channel capable of multiple interactions., file e4233f14-eccc-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 33
A 3D diffusional-compartmental model of the calcium dynamics in cytosol, sarcoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria of murine skeletal muscle fibers, file e4233f17-231d-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 33
Muscle Expression of SOD1 G93A Triggers the Dismantlement of Neuromuscular Junction via PKC-Theta, file e4233f16-4658-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 31
Proteomic analysis of marinesco–sjogren syndrome fibroblasts indicates pro-survival metabolic adaptation to SIL1 loss, file e4233f18-b37b-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 31
Parvalbumin affects skeletal muscle trophism through modulation of mitochondrial calcium uptake, file e4233f18-d96d-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 31
The relative position of RyR feet and DHPR tetrads in skeletal muscle., file e4233f14-f132-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 30
Addendum: Exercise-dependent formation of new junctions that promote STIM1-Orai1 assembly in skeletal muscle, file e4233f17-243f-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 28
Calcium entry units (CEUs): perspectives in skeletal muscle function and disease, file e4233f17-e260-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 28
Antioxidant Treatment Reduces Formation of Structural Cores and Improves Muscle Function in RYR1 Y522S/WT Mice, file e4233f16-3972-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 27
Deletion of small ankyrin 1 (sAnk1) isoforms results in structural and functional alterations in aging skeletal muscles fibers., file e4233f15-06a3-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 26
New method for determining total calcium content in tissue applied to skeletal muscle with and without calsequestrin, file e4233f16-301f-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 25
Excessive Accumulation of Ca2 + in Mitochondria of Y522S-RYR1 Knock-in Mice: A Link Between Leak From the Sarcoplasmic Reticulum and Altered Redox State, file e4233f17-658f-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 25
Morphology and molecular composition of sarcoplasmic reticulum surface junctions in the absence of DHPR and RyR in mouse skeletal muscle., file e4233f14-ecdf-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 23
Improper Remodeling of Organelles Deputed to Ca 2+ Handling and Aerobic ATP Production Underlies Muscle Dysfunction in Ageing, file e4233f18-c34c-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 23
Mitochondrial dysfunction in skeletal muscle of amyloid precursor protein-overexpressing mice, file e4233f14-fe4d-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 22
Exercise-dependent formation of new junctions that promote STIM1-Orai1 assembly in skeletal muscle, file e4233f16-6df0-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 22
Formation and maturation of calcium release apparatus in developing and adult avian myocardium., file e4233f14-ecbf-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 21
Coordinated incorporation of skeletal muscle dihydropyridine receptors and ryanodine receptors in peripheral couplings of BC3H1 cells., file e4233f14-ecce-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 21
Accelerated Activation of SOCE Current in Myotubes from Two Mouse Models of Anesthetic- and Heat-Induced Sudden Death, file e4233f15-129e-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 21
Estrogens Protect Calsequestrin-1 Knockout Mice from Lethal Hyperthermic Episodes by Reducing Oxidative Stress in Muscle, file e4233f16-3b4c-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 20
Differential effect of calsequestrin ablation on structure and function of fast and slow twitch skeletal fibers., file e4233f14-fbdd-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 19
Post-natal heart adaptation in a knock-in mouse model of calsequestrin 2-linked recessive catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia, file e4233f15-0b4f-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 19
Calsequestrin deletion facilitates hippocampal synaptic plasticity and spatial learning in post-natal development, file e4233f17-da8a-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 19
Aerobic Training Prevents Heatstrokes in Calsequestrin-1 Knockout Mice by Reducing Oxidative Stress, file e4233f17-dde9-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 19
Massive alterations of sarcoplasmic reticulum free calcium in skeletal muscle fibers lacking calsequestrin revealed by a genetically encoded probe., file e4233f14-fbd8-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 18
Persistent Muscle Fiber Regeneration in Long Term Denervation. Past, Present, Future, file e4233f16-3253-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 18
Ageing Causes Ultrastructural Modification to Calcium Release Units and Mitochondria in Cardiomyocytes, file e4233f18-c34a-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 18
Ca2+ influx through alpha1S DHPR may play a role in regulating Ca2+ release from RyR1 in skeletal muscle., file e4233f14-f235-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 17
Enhanced dihydropyridine receptor calcium channel activity restores muscle strength in JP45/CASQ1 double knockout mice., file e4233f15-0b1d-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 17
Orai1-dependent calcium entry promotes skeletal muscle growth and limits fatigue, file e4233f15-0b4e-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 17
Functional electrical stimulation: A possible strategy to improve muscle function in central core disease?, file e4233f17-6593-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 17
Role of ryanodine receptors in the assembly of calcium release units in skeletal muscle., file e4233f14-eccd-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 16
RyR1 S-Nitrosylation Underlies Environmental Heat Stroke and Sudden Death in Y522S RyR1 Knockin Mice, file e4233f14-f0b2-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 16
PERK inhibition attenuates the abnormalities of the secretory pathway and the increased apoptotic rate induced by SIL1 knockdown in HeLa cells, file e4233f17-e0d6-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 16
Improvement of muscle strength in a mouse model for congenital myopathy treated with HDAC and DNA methyltransferase inhibitors, file e4233f19-70a6-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 16
Resolvin D1 improves airway inflammation and exercise capacity in cystic fibrosis lung disease., file 9bf90b23-bad7-4b0a-ad32-73d7af931249 15
Paradoxical buffering of calcium by calsequestrin demonstrated for the calcium store of skeletal muscle., file e4233f14-fbd7-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 15
Lifelong Physical Exercise Delays Age-Associated Skeletal Muscle Decline., file e4233f15-0b50-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 15
RYR1 and RYR3 Have Different Roles in the Assembly of Calcium Release Units of Skeletal Muscle, file e4233f14-ecf2-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 14
Electrical stimulation counteracts muscle decline in seniors, file e4233f15-129c-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 14
Fatigue modulates dopamine availability and promotes flexible choice reversals during decision making, file e4233f16-0c97-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 14
High-Fat Diet Impairs Muscle Function and Increases the Risk of Environmental Heatstroke in Mice, file e4233f19-5174-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 14
Altered Ca2+ handling and oxidative stress underlie mitochondrial damage and skeletal muscle dysfunction in aging and disease, file d6a84d0f-c68f-4ef2-a75b-69508a1482ad 13
Searching for Mechanisms Underlying the Assembly of Calcium Entry Units: The Role of Temperature and pH, file 966f9b77-e488-4850-995d-c1889f739095 12
Membrane glucocorticoid receptors are localised in the extracellular matrix and signal through the MAPK pathway in mammalian skeletal muscle fibres, file e4233f18-69cc-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 12
A perspective analysis: microRNAs, glucose metabolism, and drug resistance in colon cancer stem cells, file e4233f18-79dd-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 12
Long-Term Exercise Reduces Formation of Tubular Aggregates and Promotes Maintenance of Ca 2+ Entry Units in Aged Muscle, file e4233f18-34b7-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 10
Ablation of Calsequestrin-1, Ca2+ unbalance, and susceptibility to heat stroke, file 996f71b7-d63f-4abe-8880-bd059107b772 9
Oxidative stress, mitochondrial damage, and cores in muscle from calsequestrin-1 knockout mice, file e4233f15-49aa-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 9
Store-Operated Ca 2+ Entry in Skeletal Muscle Contributes to the Increase in Body Temperature during Exertional Stress, file e4233f19-53b8-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 8
Progressive disorganization of the excitation-contraction coupling apparatus in ageing human skeletal muscle as revealed by electron microscopy: A possible role in the decline of muscle performance, file e4233f14-ecc3-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 6
Allele-Specific Silencing of Mutant mRNA Rescues Ultrastructural and Arrhythmic Phenotype in Mice Carriers of the R4496C Mutation in the Ryanodine Receptor Gene ( RYR2), file e4233f16-3b4a-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 6
Structural Adaptation of the Excitation–Contraction Coupling Apparatus in Calsequestrin1-Null Mice during Postnatal Development, file d81fda75-66b8-48a5-87c9-83d4455b05a1 5
Muscle Expression of SOD1 G93A Triggers the Dismantlement of Neuromuscular Junction via PKC-Theta, file e4233f19-56ae-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 5
Conformational coupling of DHPR and RyR1 in skeletal myotubes is influenced by long-range allosterism: evidence for a negative regulatory module., file e4233f14-ecdd-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 4
Shapes, sizes and distributions of Ca2+ release units and couplons in a variety of skeletal and cardiac muscles., file e4233f14-ece5-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 4
Reorganized stores and impaired calcium handling in skeletal muscle of mice lacking calsequestrin-1., file e4233f14-f0ad-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 4
Skeletal Muscle Is a Primary Target of SOD1G93A-Mediated Toxicity, file e4233f14-f0b4-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 4
Mitochondrial superoxide flashes: metabolic biomarkers of skeletal muscle activity and disease, file e4233f14-fbda-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 4
Multiple Regions of RyR1 Mediate Functional and Structural Interactions with α1S-Dihydropyridine Receptors in Skeletal Muscle, file e4233f16-2f4f-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 4
Role of Mitofusin-2 in mitochondrial localization and calcium uptake in skeletal muscle, file e4233f16-38cc-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 4
Structural interaction between RyRs and DHPRs in calcium release units of cardiac and skeletal muscle cells., file e4233f14-eccf-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 3
Effects of chronic electrical stimulation on long-term denervated muscles of the rabbit hind limb, file e4233f14-f0ae-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 3
Anesthetic- and heat-induced sudden death in calsequestrin-1 knockout mice., file e4233f14-f224-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 3
Antioxidants protect calsequestrin-1 knockout mice from halothane- and heat-induced sudden death, file e4233f15-4ef7-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 3
Physical exercise in aging human skeletal muscle increases mitochondrial calcium uniporter expression levels and affects mitochondria dynamics, file e4233f16-393c-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 3
Muscle activity prevents the uncoupling of mitochondria from Ca2+ Release Units induced by ageing and disuse, file e4233f17-194b-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 3
Characterization of specific GTP binding sites in C2C12 mouse skeletal muscle cells., file e4233f14-ef7d-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 2
Increased Ca2+ storage capacity of the skeletal muscle sarcoplasmic reticulum of transgenic mice over-expressing membrane bound calcium binding protein Junctate., file e4233f14-f241-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 2
Characterization and temporal development of cores in a mouse model of malignant hyperthermia., file e4233f14-f360-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 2
Home-based functional electrical stimulation rescues permanently denervated muscles in paraplegic patients with complete lower motor neuron lesion., file e4233f14-fb4e-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 2
Mitochondrial ca(2+)-handling in fast skeletal muscle fibers from wild type and calsequestrin-null mice., file e4233f15-09c4-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 2
A CASQ1 founder mutation in three Italian families with protein aggregate myopathy and hyperCKaemia, file e4233f15-4880-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 2
Role of the JP45-calsequestrin complex on calcium entry in slow twitch skeletal muscles, file e4233f16-3942-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 2
Atrophy, but not necrosis, in rabbit skeletal muscle denervated for periods up to one year., file e4233f14-ecc4-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
All three ryanodine receptor isoforms generate rapid cooling responses in muscle cells., file e4233f14-ecde-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Long-term denervation in humans causes degeneration of both contractile and excitation-contraction coupling apparatus, which is reversible by functional electrical stimulation (FES): a role for myofiber regeneration?, file e4233f14-ee29-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Structural differentiation of skeletal muscle fibers in absence of innervation in humans., file e4233f14-f0af-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Atrophy-resistant fibers in permanent peripheral denervation of human skeletal muscle., file e4233f14-f0b1-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Unexpected structural and functional consequences of the R33Q homozygous mutation in cardiac calsequestrin. A complex arrhythmogenic cascade in a knock-in mouse model., file e4233f14-f0b3-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Calsequestrin-1: a new candidate gene for malignant hyperthermia (MH) and environmental heat stroke (EHS), file e4233f14-f1ec-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Lessons from calsequestrin-1 ablation in vivo: much more than a Ca2+ buffer after all., file e4233f14-f891-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Mice expressing T4826I-RYR1 are viable but exhibit sex- andgenotype-dependent susceptibility to malignant hyperthermia and muscle damage., file e4233f14-f904-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Sequential stages in the gradual formation and accumulation of tubular aggregates in aging fast twitch muscle: SERCA and Calsequestrin involvement., file e4233f14-fbd9-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Differential impact of mitochondrial positioning on mitochondrial Ca2+ uptake and Ca2+ spark suppression in skeletal muscle., file e4233f14-fbdc-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Calsequestrin (CASQ1) rescues function and structure of calcium release units in skeletal muscles of CASQ1-null mice., file e4233f14-fbde-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Atrophy/hypertrophy cell signaling in muscles of young athletes trained with vibrational-proprioceptive stimulation., file e4233f14-fdea-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Viral gene transfer rescues arrhythmogenic phenotype and ultrastructural abnormalities in adult calsequestrin-null mice with inherited arrhythmias., file e4233f15-0381-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Distinct regions of triadin are required for targeting and retention at the junctional domain of the sarcoplasmic reticulum, file e4233f15-06a1-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Abnormal Propagation of Calcium Waves and Ultrastructural Remodeling in Recessive Catecholaminergic Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia., file e4233f15-0a94-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
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