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Helicobacter pylori infection causes persistent platelet activation in vivo through enhanced lipid peroxidation, file e4233f14-ee73-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 35
Assessment of EGFR mutations in circulating tumor cell preparations from NSCLC patients by next generation sequencing: Toward a real-time liquid biopsy for treatment, file e4233f17-11cb-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 11
Heightened free radical activity in angina pectoris, file e4233f15-8319-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 10
Preprocedural level of soluble CD40L is predictive of enhanced inflammatory response and restenosis after coronary angioplasty., file e4233f18-f6cb-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 7
Ascorbic acid supplementation reduces oxidative stress and platelet biochemical function in type 2 diabetic patients. Relevance of ascorbic acid dosage and formulation, file e4233f14-e6d9-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 4
Copper/zinc ratio and systemic oxidant load: effect of aging and aging-related degenerative diseases, file e4233f15-0063-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 4
Blood cardioplegia reduces oxidant burden in the ischemic and reperfused human myocardium, file e4233f15-00ca-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 4
Glutathione-related antioxidant defences in human atherosclerotic plaques, file e4233f15-03b7-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 4
Effective assessment of egfr mutation status in bronchoalveolar lavage and pleural fluids by next-generation sequencing., file e4233f15-0812-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 4
Morning Blood Pressure Surge, Dipping, and Risk of Coronary Events in Elderly Treated Hypertensive Patients, file e4233f15-9755-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 4
Metabolic Syndrome and Cardiovascular Risk in Elderly Treated Hypertensive Patients., file e4233f15-9802-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 4
Prediction of carotid plaques in hypertensive patients by risk factors, left ventricular hypertrophy, and epicardial adipose tissue thickness, file e4233f14-ffb3-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 3
Plasma copper and lipid peroxidation in cigarette smokers, file e4233f15-0172-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 3
Systemic oxidative stress and its relationship with age and illness. Associazione Medica "Sabin"., file e4233f15-81fd-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 3
Transmural distribution of antioxidant defences and lipid peroxidation in the rabbit left ventricular myocardium, file e4233f15-89f1-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 3
Intermittent antegrade warm cardioplegia reduces oxidative stress and improves metabolism of the ischemic-reperfused human myocardium, file e4233f15-8b58-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 3
Reactive aldehyde-scavenging enzyme activities in atherosclerotic plaques of cigarette smokers and nonsmokers, file e4233f15-8d4e-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 3
Eosinophilic esophagitis is a component of the anticonvulsant hypersensitivity syndrome: Description of two cases., file e4233f14-eb11-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 2
Circadian blood pressure changes and myocardial ischemia in hypertensive patients with coronary artery disease., file e4233f14-ed21-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 2
Association of body iron stores with low molecular weight iron and oxidant damage of human atherosclerotic plaques, file e4233f14-ed49-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 2
Sensitivity disturbances in patients with irritable bowel syndrome and fibromyalgia, file e4233f14-edae-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 2
Enhanced soluble CD40 ligand contributes to endothelial cell dysfunction in vitro and monocyte activation in patients with diabetes mellitus: effect of improved metabolic control, file e4233f14-f118-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 2
Serum albumin and biomolecular oxidative damage of human atherosclerotic plaques, file e4233f14-fd64-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 2
'White-coat' hypertension in patients with newly diagnosed hypertension: evaluation of prevalence by ambulatory monitoring and impact on cost of health care, file e4233f15-0067-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 2
H2-RECEPTOR ANTAGONISTS ARE SCAVENGERS OF OXYGEN RADICALS, file e4233f15-89f4-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 2
Myocardial glutathione metabolic status in fat-fed rabbits, file e4233f15-8d08-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 2
Blood pressure variability and cardiovascular risk in treated hypertensive patients., file e4233f14-ed65-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Visceral sensitivity and symptoms in patients with constipation- or diarrea-predominant Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): Effect of a low fat intraduodenal infusion., file e4233f14-edd8-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Increased expression of transforming growth factor-beta1 as a stabilizing factor in human atherosclerotic plaques., file e4233f14-edfe-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Inhibitory activity of salicylic acid on lipoxygenase-dependent lipid peroxidation, file e4233f14-f0d4-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Antiproliferative effect of deferoxamine on vascular muscle cells in vitro and in vivo., file e4233f14-f248-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Amiodarone inhibits tocopherol-mediated human lipoprotein peroxidation, file e4233f14-f24c-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Cigarette smoke, ferritin, and lipid peroxidation, file e4233f14-fc1e-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Primary prophylaxis for venous thromboembolism in ambulatory cancer patients receiving chemotherapy., file e4233f14-fc80-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Antioxidant activity of amiodarone on human lipoprotein oxidation., file e4233f15-0061-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
White-coat resistant hypertension, file e4233f15-0064-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Bicarbonate-dependent, carbonate radical anion-driven tocopherol-mediated human LDL peroxidation: an in vitro and in vivo study, file e4233f15-016f-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Cardiac Events in Hypertensive Patients With Renal Artery Stenosis Treated With Renal Angioplasty or Drug Therapy: Meta-Analysis of Randomized Trials, file e4233f15-0796-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Morning blood pressure surge, dipping, and risk of ischemic stroke in elderly patients treated for hypertension, file e4233f15-9287-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Association between 5-lipoxygenase expression and plaque instability in humans., file e4233f18-9cb2-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Preprocedural level of soluble CD40L is predictive of enhanced inflammatory response and restenosis after coronary angioplasty., file e4233f18-d757-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
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