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Inflammatory infiltrate, microvessel density, nitric oxide synthase expression, vascular endothelial growth factor expression, and proliferative activity in peri-implant soft tissues around titanium and zirconium oxide healing caps., file e4233f14-fe62-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 108
Bone response to machined and resorbable blast material titanium implants: an experimental study in rabbits, file e4233f15-08bd-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 89
A 16-year study of the microgap between 272 human titanium implants and their abutments., file e4233f14-f39e-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 64
A histomorphometric study of nanothickness and plasma-sprayed calcium-phosphorus coated implant surfaces in rabbit bone, file e4233f14-fb8c-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 50
Bone regeneration with calcium sulfate: evidence for an increased angiogenesis in rabbits, file e4233f14-fe59-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 50
The Effects of Liquid Disinfection and Heat Sterilization Processes on Implant Drill Roughness: Energy Dispersion X-ray Microanalysis and Infrared Thermography, file e4233f17-8fb9-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 49
Morphological and cytofluorimetric analysis of adult mesenchymal stem cells expanded ex vivo from periodontal ligament., file e4233f14-f3fb-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 42
Maxillary sinus augmentation with Bio-Oss particles: a light, scanning, and transmission electron microscopy study in man, file e4233f14-f403-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 40
Scientific trends in clinical research on zirconia dental implants: A bibliometric review, file e4233f18-4202-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 40
Coronavirus (Sars-cov-2) pandemic: Future challenges for dental practitioners, file e4233f18-4204-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 38
Treatment of Class III Malocclusion and Anterior Crossbite with Aligners: A Case Report, file e4233f19-5e78-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 38
Histological Evaluation of Early and Immediately Loaded Implants Retrieved from Human Jaws, file e4233f17-568c-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 37
Sars-CoV-2 Virus Infection May Interfere CD34+ Hematopoietic Stem Cells and Megakaryocyte-Erythroid Progenitors Differentiation Contributing to Platelet Defection towards Insurgence of Thrombocytopenia and Thrombophilia, file e4233f19-5e09-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 36
Benefits and Implications of Resveratrol Supplementation on Microbiota Modulations: A Systematic Review of the Literature, file e4233f19-6a37-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 33
A cosmetic technique called lip repositioning in patient of excessive gingival display., file e4233f17-7ff6-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 32
Eradication of Benign Skin Lesions of the Face by Voltaic Arc Dermabrasion (Atmospheric Plasma): Postoperative Pain Assessment by Thermal Infrared Imaging, file e4233f18-66a8-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 30
Impacted Central Incisors in the Upper Jaw in an Adolescent Patient: Orthodontic-Surgical Treatment???A Case Report, file 0f1b9cd8-97ca-459a-b42f-27fec90cd88f 28
Un nuovo impianto fresante che semplifica il protocollo chirurgico., file e4233f14-f423-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 27
Immediately loaded titanium implant with a tissue-stabilizing/maintaining design ('beyond platform switch') retrieved from man after 4 weeks: a histological and histomorphometrical evaluation. A case report., file e4233f14-f388-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 26
Facial Skin Temperature and Discomfort When Wearing Protective Face Masks: Thermal Infrared Imaging Evaluation and Hands Moving the Mask, file e4233f17-aa1e-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 26
Light-microscopic evaluation of the dimensions of peri-implant mucosa around immediately loaded and submerged titanium implants in monkeys., file e4233f14-ed02-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 25
Lateral Sinus Floor Elevation Performed with Trapezoidal and Modified Triangular Flap Designs: A Randomized Pilot Study of Post-Operative Pain Using Thermal Infrared Imaging, file e4233f16-db8c-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 25
In vitro and in vivo characterization of graphene oxide coated porcine bone granules, file e4233f18-6cb6-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 25
A novel technique to increase the thickness of TiO2 of dental implants by Nd: DPSS Q-sw laser treatment, file e4233f18-0384-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 24
Bone Regeneration Induced by Bone Porcine Block with Bone Marrow Stromal Stem Cells in a Minipig Model of Mandibular "Critical Size" Defect, file e4233f16-60a1-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 23
Synthetic Scaffold/Dental Pulp Stem Cell (DPSC) Tissue Engineering Constructs for Bone Defect Treatment: An Animal Studies Literature Review, file e4233f18-2756-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 22
Removal, after 7 years, of an implant displaced into the maxillary sinus. A clinical and histologic case report, file e4233f15-045d-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 21
Implant-Abutment Contact Surfaces and Microgap Measurements of Different Implant Connections Under 3-Dimensional X-Ray Microtomography, file e4233f19-51c7-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 20
Accuracy of Edentulous Computer-Aided Implant Surgery as Compared to Virtual Planning: A Retrospective Multicenter Study, file e4233f17-881d-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 19
Modification of condyle anatomy following a monolateral bite rise: a histological study in rat, file e4233f14-f311-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 18
The effects of erbium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet laser (Er: YAG) irradiation on sandblasted and acid-etched (SLA) titanium, an in vitro study, file e4233f18-0386-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 18
Role of autologous platelet gel (APG) in bone healing: A rabbit study, file e4233f18-4cb8-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 18
CBCT images of treatment of incisor rotation, canine transposition, lateral incisor orizzontal position and risk of canines impacted, as result of facial trauma in growing patient, file e4233f18-c8a4-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 18
Peri-implant bone reactions around immediately loaded conical implants with different prosthetic suprastructures: histological and histomorphometrical study on minipigs., file e4233f14-f37b-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 17
Bone Response to Two Dental Implants with Different Sandblasted/Acid-Etched Implant Surfaces: A Histological and Histomorphometrical Study in Rabbits., file e4233f17-7c5e-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 17
Gingival crevicular blood as a potential screening tool: A cross sectional comparative study, file e4233f18-060d-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 17
null, file e4233f16-5d0d-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 16
Three-dimensional architecture and mechanical properties of bovine bone mixed with autologous platelet liquid, blood, or physiological water: An in vitro study, file e4233f16-d9fb-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 16
The Vitamin D, IL-6 and the eGFR Markers a Possible Way to Elucidate the Lung-Heart-Kidney Cross-Talk in COVID-19 Disease: A Foregone Conclusion, file e4233f19-5e07-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 16
Ultrasonic vs drill implant site preparation: Post-operative pain measurement through vas, swelling and crestal bone remodeling: A randomized clinical study, file e4233f17-2f7b-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 15
Titanium implants coated with a bifunctional molecule with antimicrobic activity: A rabbit study, file e4233f17-fddc-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 15
Functional Magnetic Resonance Connectivity in Patients With Temporomadibular Joint Disorders, file e4233f18-7acd-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 15
Inflammatory Status and Glycemic Control Level of Patients with Type 2 Diabetes and Periodontitis: A Randomized Clinical Trial, file e4233f19-5da3-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 15
Posturostabilometric evaluation of plantar variations in patients with temporo-mandibular dysfunction: A case-control study, file e4233f14-ff5d-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 14
A Technique for an accelerated rigid slinting of multiple implants for immediately loading, file e4233f15-08c7-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 14
Experimental Analysis of the Use of Cranial Electromyography in Athletes and Clinical Implications, file 4e4cf7d8-ea7d-46b2-a292-dae4824bf4c2 13
Immediately loaded blade implant retrieved from a after a 20-year loading period: a histologic and histomorphometric case report., file e4233f14-f39a-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 13
The Surface Anodization of Titanium Dental Implants Improves Blood Clot Formation Followed by Osseointegration, file e4233f16-dba3-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 13
A retrospective study on insertion torque and implant stability quotient (isq) as stability parameters for immediate loading of implants in fresh extraction sockets, file e4233f17-8eec-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 13
Near-infrared LEDS provide persistent and increasing protection against E. faecalis, file e4233f19-58f8-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 13
Anorganic bone matrix retrieved 14 years after a sinus augmentation procedure: a histologic and histomorphometric evaluation., file e4233f14-f379-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 12
Clinical,Radiographic and Histopatological evaluate of ameloblastomas treated conservativaly and curettage with ultrasonic surgery, file e4233f15-08c6-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 12
Collagen Fibres Orientation in the Bone Matrix around Dental Implants: Does the Implant's Thread Design Play a Role?, file e4233f19-27ed-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 12
Histologic evaluation of 3 retrieved immediately loaded implants after a 4-month period., file e4233f14-f399-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 11
Bone remodeling in immediately loaded and unloaded titanium dental implants: a histologic and histomorphometric study in humans., file e4233f14-f3a9-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 11
null, file e4233f16-5d0b-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 11
Bacteriological Safety of Water Filters for Dental Units: Evalutation of the Filtration Action against S. Aureus and E. Coli, file e4233f16-e24f-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 11
A New Treatment for Local Adiposity with Ascorbic Acid and Ascorbyl-Palmitate Solution: Clinical and Histological Study, file e4233f17-fec7-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 11
Scientific Production in Dentistry: The National Panorama through a Bibliometric Study of Italian Academies, file e4233f18-0388-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 11
Hydroxyapatite Block Produced by Sponge Replica Method: Mechanical, Clinical and Histologic Observations, file e4233f17-4ea0-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 10
Efficacy of water filters for dental chair units: Assessment of the filtration action versus Coxsackievirus B5, file e4233f17-fecb-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 10
Graphene-Doped Poly (Methyl-Methacrylate) (Pmma) Implants: A Micro-CT and Histomorphometrical Study in Rabbits, file e4233f18-47bd-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 10
Apigenin Promotes Proliferation and Mineralization of Human Osteoblasts and Up-Regulates Osteogenic Markers, file ccdb511b-06b0-4e73-9862-906c565c5f61 9
Bone response to new modified titanium surface implants in nonhuman primates (Papio ursinus) and humans: histological evaluation., file e4233f14-f37e-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 9
Antibacterial effect of stainless steel surfaces treated with a nanotechnological coating approved for food contact, file e4233f18-4bd9-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 9
Early Response and Clinical Efficacy of a Mouthwash Containing Chlorhexidine, Anti Discoloration System, Polyvinylpyrrolidone/Vinyl Acetate and Sodium DNA in Periodontitis Model: A Triple-Blind Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial, file 22e8e49c-9a50-458a-a9d4-229e45d383ad 8
Effectiveness of SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines for Short- and Long-Term Immunity: A General Overview for the Pandemic Contrast, file 473680ab-4c4e-4529-87d8-39a0f3874ef0 8
Maxillary sinus augmentation using a synthetic cell-binding peptide: a histologic and transmission electron microscopy case study in man., file e4233f14-f39c-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 8
Dental Implants Displaced into the Mandibular Corpus: Clinical Note, file e4233f16-d9fd-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 8
Near-infrared LEDS provide persistent and increasing protection against E. faecalis, file e4233f17-2774-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 8
Peri-implant bone regeneration with calcium sulfate: a light and transmission electron microscopy case report., file e4233f14-f395-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 7
Histologic analysis of an immediately loaded implant retrieved after 2 months., file e4233f14-f3a1-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 7
Neurosensory Disturbance of the Inferior Alveolar Nerve After 3025 Implant Placements., file e4233f16-5c1c-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 7
Evaluation of Fibrin Clot Attachment on Titanium Laser-Conditioned Surface Using Scanning Electron Microscopy, file e4233f16-d171-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 7
Cannabinoids Drugs and Oral Health-From Recreational Side-Effects to Medicinal Purposes: A Systematic Review, file e4233f19-5d97-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 7
Mixed-dust pneumoconiosis in a dental technician: a multidisciplinary diagnosis case report, file e4233f19-6039-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 7
Prevalence of temporomandibular disorders and its association with malocclusion in children: A transversal study, file f24541f4-1b2a-4ab4-b285-b2342dfefc2e 7
Atmospheric Plasma Lingual Frenectomy Followed by Post Operative Tongue Exercises: A Case Series, file b6dc5704-1ffa-4545-bec9-715ff5f03afd 6
Perioperative Management of Antithrombotic Therapy in Patients Who Undergo Dental Procedures: A Systematic Review of the Literature and Network Meta-Analysis, file bf03e5dc-2abe-40ee-88fe-d33a4f9cfa3f 6
Cavernous Sinus Involvement and Near Miss Mediastinitis following Mandibular Tooth Infection Treated during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment, file c8f221b8-62f4-4bef-9097-576389e95450 6
Bone response to submerged, unloaded implants inserted in poor bone sites: a histological and histomorphometrical study of 8 titanium implants retrieved from man., file e4233f14-f39f-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 6
Peri-implant bone in immediately loaded titanium implants: histologic and histomorphometric evaluation in human. A report of two cases., file e4233f14-f3af-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 6
SEM and fractography analysis of screw thread loosening in dental implants, file e4233f14-f3f0-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 6
Influence of bacterial colonization of the healing screws on peri-implant tissue, file e4233f15-0c09-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 6
A light and scanning electron microscopy study of human direct laser metal forming dental implants., file e4233f15-4133-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 6
Evaluation of the removal bacteria on failed titanium implants after irradiation with erbium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet laser, file e4233f16-606f-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 6
The relationship between time of re-tightening and preload loss of abutment screws for two different implant designs: an in-vitro study, file e4233f17-50ff-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 6
Zirconia crowns cemented on titanium bars using CAD/CAM: a five-year follow-up prospective clinical study of 9 patients, file e4233f17-8817-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 6
The effect of gaseous ozone therapy in conjunction with periodontal treatment on glycated hemoglobin level in subjects with type 2 diabetes mellitus: An unmasked randomized controlled trial, file e4233f18-632f-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 6
The Efficacy of a New AMCOP ® Elastodontic Protocol for Orthodontic Interceptive Treatment: A Case Series and Literature Overview, file e4233f19-5d28-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 6
COVID-19 Infection in Children, Infants and Pregnant Subjects: An Overview of Recent Insights and Therapies, file e4233f19-5e05-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 6
In Vitro Qualitative Evaluation of Root-End Preparation Performed by Piezoelectric Instruments, file e4233f19-6a39-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 6
Association between long COVID and overweight/obesity, file e4233f19-6ae2-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 6
Static Crow's Feet Treated with Voltaic Arc Dermabrasion (Atmospheric Plasma): Post-Operative Pain Assessment by Thermal Infrared Imaging, file e4233f19-728b-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 6
A Systematic Review of Positional Plagiocephaly Prevention Methods for Patients in Development, file f7c825f4-3a5c-4ef8-a8f9-d73845bbfc74 6
Antispike Immunoglobulin-G (IgG) Titer Response of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA-Vaccine (BNT162b2): A Monitoring Study on Healthcare Workers, file 8b2712dd-a833-4fc3-9521-e7530f87df1b 5
Implant surface topographies analyzed using fractal dimension, file e4233f14-f587-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 5
Hemostasis control in endodontic surgery: a comparative study of calcium sulfate versus gauzes and versus ferric sulfate., file e4233f15-0446-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 5
Implants with internal hexagon and conical implant-abutment connections: an in vitro study of the bacterial contamination, file e4233f15-b880-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 5
Molecular, Cellular and Pharmaceutical Aspects of Bone Grafting Materials and Membranes During Maxillary Sinus-lift Procedures. Part 2: Detailed Characteristics of the Materials, file e4233f16-0fdf-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 5
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