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Age-dependent oxidative stress and functional capacity of human skeletal muscle satellite cells 2003 Pietrangelo, Tiziana; DI DONNA, Silvia; Puglielli, Cristina; Boncompagni, Simona; DI TANO, Guglielmo; FANO' ILLIC', Giorgio; Fulle, Stefania
The contribution of reactive oxygen species to sarcopenia and muscle ageing 2004 Fulle, Stefania; Protasi, Feliciano; DI TANO, Guglielmo; Pietrangelo, Tiziana; Beltramin, A.; Boncompagni, Simona; Vecchiet, Leonardo; FANO' ILLIC', Giorgio
Long-term denervation in humans causes degeneration of both contractile and excitation-contraction coupling apparatus, which is reversible by functional electrical stimulation (FES): a role for myofiber regeneration? 2004 Kern, H.; Boncompagni, Simona; Rossini, K.; Mayr, W.; FANO' ILLIC', Giorgio; Zanin, M. E.; PODHORSKA OKOLOW, M.; Protasi, Feliciano; Carraro, U.
Progressive disorganization of the excitation-contraction coupling apparatus in ageing human skeletal muscle as revealed by electron microscopy: A possible role in the decline of muscle performance 2006 Boncompagni, Simona; D'Amelio, L; Fulle, Stefania; FANO' ILLIC', Giorgio; Protasi, Feliciano
Structural differentiation of skeletal muscle fibers in absence of innervation in humans. 2007 Boncompagni, Simona; Kern, H; Rossini, K; Mayr, W; Carraro, U; Protasi, Feliciano
An Ryr1I4895T mutation abolishes Ca2+ release channel function and delays development in homozygous offspring of a mutant mouse line. 2007 Zvaritch, Elena; Depreux, Frederic; Kraeva, Natasha; E Loy, Ryan; A Goonasekera, Sanjeewa; Boncompagni, Simona; Kraev, Alexander; O Gramolini, Anthony; T Dirksen, Robert; Franzini-Armstrong, Clara; E Seidman, Christine; G Seidman, J; H Maclennan, David
Reorganized stores and impaired calcium handling in skeletal muscle of mice lacking calsequestrin-1. 2007 Paolini, Cecilia; Quarta, M; Nori, A; Boncompagni, Simona; Canato, M; Volpe, P; Reggiani, C; Allen, P. D.; Protasi, Feliciano
Atrophy, but not necrosis, in rabbit skeletal muscle denervated for periods up to one year. 2007 Ashley, Z; Sutherland, H; Lanmuller, H; Russold, M. F.; Unger, E; Bijak, M; Mayr, W; Boncompagni, Simona; Protasi, Feliciano; Salmons, S; AND JARVIS, J. C.
Effects of chronic electrical stimulation on long-term denervated muscles of the rabbit hind limb 2007 Ashley, Zoe; Salmons, Stanley; Boncompagni, Simona; Protasi, Feliciano; Russold, Michael; Lanmuller, Hermann; Mayr, Winfried; Sutherland, Hazel; C Jarvis, Jonathan
Layer-by-layer deposition of shortened nanotubes or polyethylene glycol-derivatized nanotubes on liposomes: A tool for increasing liposome stability 2007 Angelini, Guido; Boncompagni, Simona; DE MARIA, Paolo; DE NARDI, M; Fontana, Antonella; Gasbarri, Carla; Menna, E.
Kinetic evaluation of the effect of layer by layer deposition of polyeletrolytes on the stability of POPC liposomes 2008 Angelini, Guido; Boncompagni, Simona; DE MARIA, Paolo; Fontana, Antonella; Gasbarri, Carla; Siani, Gabriella
Atrophy-resistant fibers in permanent peripheral denervation of human skeletal muscle. 2008 Biral, D; Kern, H; Adami, N; Boncompagni, Simona; Protasi, Feliciano; Carraro, U.
Skeletal Muscle Is a Primary Target of SOD1G93A-Mediated Toxicity 2008 Gabriella, Dobrowolny; Michela, Aucello; Emanuele, Rizzuto; Beccafico, Sara; Cristina, Mammucari; Boncompagni, Simona; Silvia, Belia; Francesca, Wannenes; Carmine, Nicoletti; Zaccaria Del, Prete; Nadia, Rosenthal; Mario, Molinaro; Protasi, Feliciano; FANO' ILLIC', Giorgio; Marco, Sandri; Antonio, Musarò
The use of CalciumOrange-5N as a specific marker of mitochondrial Ca2+ in mouse skeletal muscle fibers. 2008 Bolaños, P; Guillen, A; Rojas, H; Boncompagni, Simona; Caputo, Claudio
RyR1 S-Nitrosylation Underlies Environmental Heat Stroke and Sudden Death in Y522S RyR1 Knockin Mice 2008 William J., Durham; Paula Aracena, Parks; Cheng, Long; Ann E., Rossi; Sanjeewa A., Goonasekera; Boncompagni, Simona; Daniel L., Galvan; Charles P., Gilman; Mariah R., Baker; Natalia, Shirokova; Protasi, Feliciano; Robert, Dirksen; Susan L., Hamilton
Stable muscle atrophy in long-term paraplegics with complete upper motor neuron lesion from 3- to 20-year SCI 2008 Kern, H; Hofer, C; Mödlin, M; Mayr, W; Vindigni, V; Zampieri, S; Boncompagni, Simona; Protasi, Feliciano; Carraro, U.
Unexpected structural and functional consequences of the R33Q homozygous mutation in cardiac calsequestrin. A complex arrhythmogenic cascade in a knock-in mouse model. 2008 Rizzi, N; Nian, L; Napolitano, C; Nori, A; Turcato, F; Colombi, B; Bicciato, S; Arcelli, D; Spedito, A; Scelsi, M; Villanil, ; Esposito, G; Boncompagni, Simona; Protasi, Feliciano; Volpe, P; Priori, Sg
A sub-population of rat muscle fibers maintains an assessable excitation-contraction coupling mechanism after long-standing denervation, despite lost contractility 2009 Squecco, R; Carraro, U; Kern, H; Pond, A; Adami, N; Biral, D; Vindigni, V; Boncompagni, S; Pietrangelo, T; Bosco, G; Fanò, G; Marini, M; Abruzzo, Pm; Germinario, E; Danieli-Betto, D; Protasi, F; Francini, F; Zampieri, S
Sarcoplasmic reticulum-mitochondrial symbiosis: bidirectional signaling in skeletal muscle 2009 Rossi, Ae; Boncompagni, Simona; Dirksen, Rt
Mitochondria are linked to calcium stores in striated muscle by developmentally regulated tethering structures 2009 Boncompagni, Simona; Rossi, Ae; Micaroni, M; Beznoussenko, Gv; Polishchuk, Rs; Dirksen, Rt; Protasi, Feliciano
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