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Pair distribution function analysis and Mössbauer study of defects in microwave-hydrothermal LiFePO 4 2012 Bini, Marcella; Ferrari, Stefania; Capsoni, Doretta; Mustarelli, Piercarlo; Spina, Gabriele; Giallo, Franco Del; Lantieri, Marco; Leonelli, Cristina; Rizzuti, Antonino; Massarotti, Vincenzo
Understanding non-ideal voltage behaviour of cathodes for lithium-ion batteries 2014 Kalantarian, M. M.; Oghbaei, M.; Asgari, S.; Ferrari, S.; Capsoni, D.; Mustarelli, P.
Electrochemistry of orthosilicate-based lithium battery cathodes: A perspective 2014 Ferrari, Stefania; Capsoni, Doretta; Casino, Simone; Destro, Matteo; Gerbaldi, Claudio; Bini, Marcella
Fabrication and electrochemical characterization of amorphous lithium iron silicate thin films as positive electrodes for lithium batteries 2014 Quinzeni, I.; Ferrari, S.; Quartarone, E.; Capsoni, D.; Caputo, M.; Goldoni, A.; Mustarelli, P.; Bini, M.
Lithium-Air Batteries Based on Carbon Nanomaterials 2015 Capsoni, Doretta; Bini, Marcella; Ferrari, Stefania; Mustarelli, Piercarlo
Rechargeable lithium batteries: Key scientific and technological challenges 2015 Bini, M.; Capsoni, D.; Ferrari, S.; Quartarone, E.; Mustarelli, P.
Recent advances in graphene-based materials for lithium batteries 2015 Pappas, George S.; Ferrari, Stefania; Wan, Chaoying
Latest advances in the manufacturing of 3D rechargeable lithium microbatteries 2015 Ferrari, Stefania; Loveridge, Melanie; Beattie, Shane D.; Jahn, Marcus; Dashwood, Richard J.; Bhagat, Rohit
Investigation of ether-based ionic liquid electrolytes for lithium-O2 batteries 2015 Ferrari, S.; Quartarone, E.; Tomasi, C.; Bini, M.; Galinetto, P.; Fagnoni, M.; Mustarelli, P.
Heteroatom Doped-Carbon Nanospheres as Anodes in Lithium Ion Batteries 2016 Pappas, George S; Ferrari, Stefania; Huang, Xiaobin; Bhagat, Rohit; Haddleton, David M; Wan, Chaoying
A geologically supervised spectral analysis of 121 globally distributed impact craters as a tool for identifying vertical and horizontal heterogeneities in the composition of the shallow crust of Mercury 2016 D'Incecco, P.; Helbert, J.; D'Amore, M.; Ferrari, S.; Head, J. W.; Maturilli, A.; Hiesinger, H.
New materials for Li-ion batteries: Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of Li2(FeMnCo)SiO4 cathode materials 2016 Ferrari, Stefania; Mozzati, Maria Cristina; Lantieri, Marco; Spina, Gabriele; Capsoni, Doretta; Bini, Marcella
Understanding capacity fade in silicon based electrodes for lithium-ion batteries using three electrode cells and upper cut-off voltage studies 2016 Beattie, Shane D.; Loveridge, M. J.; Lain, Michael J.; Ferrari, Stefania; Polzin, Bryant J.; Bhagat, Rohit; Dashwood, Richard
Polymer nanocomposites for lithium battery applications 2018 Ferrari, S.; Nair, J. R.; Zhou, Y.; Wan, C.
An in-situ reference electrode insertion method for commercial 18650-type cells 2018 Somerville, Limhi; Ferrari, Stefania; Lain, Michael; Mcgordon, Andrew; Jennings, Paul; Bhagat, Rohit
To Which Extent Is Paramagnetic Solid-State NMR Able To Address Polymorphism in Complex Transition-Metal Oxides? 2018 Ferrara, Chiara; Ferrari, Stefania; Bini, Marcella; Capsoni, Doretta; Pintacuda, Guido; Mustarelli, Piercarlo
Lithium ion batteries (NMC/graphite) cycling at 80 °C: Different electrolytes and related degradation mechanism 2018 Genieser, R.; Ferrari, S.; Loveridge, M.; Beattie, S. D.; Beanland, R.; Amari, H.; West, G.; Bhagat, R.
Experimental study of internal and external short circuits of commercial automotive pouch lithium-ion cells 2018 Abaza, Ahmed; Ferrari, Stefania; Wong, Hin Kwan; Lyness, Chris; Moore, Andy; Weaving, Julia; Blanco-Martin, Maria; Dashwood, Richard; Bhagat, Rohit
Managing transport properties in composite electrodes/electrolytes for all-solid-state lithium-based batteries 2019 Falco, Marisa; Ferrari, Stefania; Battista Appetecchi, Giovanni; Gerbaldi, Claudio
Highly Stable Fe3O4/C Composite: A Candidate Material for All Solid-State Lithium-Ion Batteries 2020 Maroni, F.; Bruni, P.; Suzuki, N.; Aihara, Y.; Gabrielli, S.; Carbonari, G.; Agostini, M.; Branchi, M.; Ferrari, S.; Navarra, M. A.; Brutti, S.; Matic, A.; Nobili, F.; Croce, F.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 27
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