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The effect of recycled plastic aggregate on chemico-physical and functional properties of composite mortars 2014 Liguori, B.; Iucolano, F.; Capasso, I.; Lavorgna, M.; Verdolotti, L.
Recycling and recovery of PE-PP-PET-based fiber polymeric wastes as aggregate replacement in lightweight mortar: Evaluation of environmental friendly application 2014 Verdolotti, Letizia; Iucolano, Fabio; Capasso, Ilaria; Lavorgna, Marino; Iannace, Salvatore; Liguori, Barbara
Cellular morphology of organic-inorganic hybrid foams based on alkali alumino-silicate matrix 2014 Verdolotti, L.; Liguori, B.; Capasso, I.; Caputo, D.; Lavorgna, M.; Iannace, S.
Re-use of construction and demolition waste for geotechnical applications 2015 Asprone, D.; Bilotta, E.; Capasso, I.; Caputo, D.; Flora, A.; Liguori, B.; Lirer, S.
Thermally treated clay sediments as geopolymer source material 2015 Ferone, C.; Liguori, B.; Capasso, I.; Colangelo, F.; Cioffi, R.; Cappelletto, E.; Di Maggio, R.
Synergistic effect of vegetable protein and silicon addition on geopolymeric foams properties 2015 Verdolotti, L.; Liguori, B.; Capasso, I.; Errico, A.; Caputo, D.; Lavorgna, M.; Iannace, S.
Organic-inorganic hybrid foams with diatomite addition: Effect on functional properties 2016 Verdolotti, L.; D'Auria, M.; Lavorgna, M.; Vollaro, P.; Iannace, S.; Capasso, I.; Galzerano, B.; Caputo, D.; Liguori, B.
Dielectric properties of monoclinic (Ba, Sr)-celsian obtained by thermal treatment of (Ba, Sr)-exchanged zeolite A 2017 Marzocchi, V.; Capasso, I.; Scherillo, F.; Squillace, A.; Caputo, D.; Liguori, B.
Mechanical and chemical properties of composite materials made of dredged sediments in a fly-ash based geopolymer 2017 Lirer, S.; Liguori, B.; Capasso, I.; Flora, A.; Caputo, D.
Hybrid geopolymeric foams with diatomite addition: Effect on chemico-physical properties 2017 Liguori, B.; Capasso, I.; Romeo, V.; D'Auria, M.; Lavorgna, M.; Caputo, D.; Iannace, S.; Verdolotti, L.
Thermal cycling stability of fly ash based geopolymer mortars 2017 Colangelo, F.; Cioffi, R.; Roviello, G.; Capasso, I.; Caputo, D.; Aprea, P.; Liguori, B.; Ferone, C.
Geopolymerization Ability of Natural and Secondary Raw Materials by Solubility Test in Alkaline Media 2017 Liguori, Barbara; Capasso, Ilaria; De Pertis, Marco; Ferone, Claudio; Cioffi, Raffaele
Design of sustainable porous materials based on 3D-structured silica exoskeletons, Diatomite: Chemico-physical and functional properties 2018 Galzerano, B.; Capasso, I.; Verdolotti, L.; Lavorgna, M.; Vollaro, P.; Caputo, D.; Iannace, S.; Liguori, B.
The bond strength of repairing systems applied to concrete elements: Analysis of historical data 2018 Bonati, A.; Capasso, I.; Coppola, O.; Grasso, E.; Schiavi, L.
Setting up the production process of diatomite-based ceramic foams 2018 Galzerano, B.; Verdolotti, L.; Capasso, I.; Liguori, B.
Sustainable management of water potabilization sludge by means of geopolymers production 2019 Ferone, C.; Capasso, I.; Bonati, A.; Roviello, G.; Montagnaro, F.; Santoro, L.; Turco, R.; Cioffi, R.
Reuse of mining waste as aggregates in fly ash-based geopolymers 2019 Capasso, I.; Lirer, S.; Flora, A.; Ferone, C.; Cioffi, R.; Caputo, D.; Liguori, B.
Production of lightweight gypsum using a vegetal protein as foaming agent 2020 Capasso, I.; Iucolano, F.
Process strategy to fabricate a hierarchical porosity gradient in diatomite-based foams by 3D printing 2020 Capasso, I.; Liguori, B.; Verdolotti, L.; Caputo, D.; Lavorgna, M.; Tervoort, E.
Mechanical performance of 17-4PH Stainless Steel Produced via Selective Laser Melting 2021 Andreacola, F. R.; Capasso, I.; Pilotti, L.; Brando, G.
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