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Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (3rd edition)., file e4233f17-3a92-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 336
Interplay between endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress and autophagy induces mutant p53H273 degradation, file e4233f17-afb5-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 86
Mutant p53 and cellular stress pathways: A criminal alliance that promotes cancer progression, file e4233f17-2237-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 58
NRF2 in Cancer: Cross-Talk with Oncogenic Pathways and Involvement in Gammaherpesvirus-Driven Carcinogenesis, file c376e360-db01-4a27-af5b-67ead50173dc 40
Hyperglycemia triggers HIPK2 protein degradation, file e4233f16-3097-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 36
PBA preferentially impairs cell survival of glioblastomas carrying mutp53 by reducing its expression level, stabilizing wtp53, downregulating the mevalonate kinase and dysregulating UPR, file e4233f17-b063-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 31
Zinc supplementation augments in vivo antitumor effect of chemotherapy by restoring p53 function., file e4233f14-fe47-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 30
Carvacrol reduces adipogenic differentiation by modulating autophagy and ChREBP expression, file e4233f16-fbd9-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 29
P53-Dependent PUMA to DRAM antagonistic interplay as a key molecular switch in cell-fate decision in normal/high glucose conditions, file e4233f16-3969-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 28
A ruthenium(II)-curcumin compound modulates NRF2 expression balancing the cancer cell death/survival outcome according to p53 status, file e4233f18-26d6-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 27
N(6)-Methyldeoxyadenosine, a nucleoside commonly found in prokaryotes, induces C2C12 myogenic differentiation., file e4233f14-fe2d-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 26
Mutant P53, stabilized by its interplay with HSP90, activates a positive feed-back loop between NRF2 and P62 that induces chemo-resistance to apigenin in pancreatic cancer cells, file e4233f17-23cc-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 25
Overexpression of HIPK2 circumvents the blockade of apoptosis in chemoresistant ovarian cancer cells., file e4233f14-fe36-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 23
Autophagy manipulation as a strategy for efficient anticancer therapies: Possible consequences, file e4233f17-23c9-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 23
Updates on HIPK2: a resourceful oncosuppressor for clearing cancer, file e4233f17-3b11-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 23
Reactivation of mutant p53 by capsaicin, the major constituent of peppers, file e4233f15-7479-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 22
Apoptosis as anticancer mechanism: function and dysfunction of its modulators and targeted therapeutic strategies, file e4233f17-2291-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 22
Lovastatin reduces PEL cell survival by phosphorylating ERK1/2 that blocks the autophagic flux and engages a cross-talk with p53 to activate p21, file e4233f18-b672-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 22
HIPK2 as a Novel Regulator of Fibrosis, file 5a837b9a-e804-481a-9c05-2a5215590aa5 21
Homeodomain-interacting protein kinase-2 phosphorylates p53 at Ser 46 and mediates apoptosis, file e4233f14-f457-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 20
HIPK2 inhibits both MDM2 gene and protein by, respectively, p53-dependent and independent regulations., file e4233f14-fe31-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 20
Nobel committee honors tumor immunologists, file e4233f16-fbd3-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 20
Apigenin, by activating p53 and inhibiting STAT3, modulates the balance between pro-apoptotic and pro-survival pathways to induce PEL cell death, file e4233f17-3856-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 20
Quercetin Interrupts the Positive Feedback Loop Between STAT3 and IL-6, Promotes Autophagy, and Reduces ROS, Preventing EBV-Driven B Cell Immortalization, file e4233f17-4ab0-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 20
Targeting hypoxia in tumor: a new promising therapeutic strategy, file e4233f17-65bd-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 20
P62/SQSTM1/Keap1/NRF2 Axis Reduces Cancer Cells Death-Sensitivity in Response to Zn(II)-Curcumin Complex, file e4233f18-5891-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 19
Restoring p53 active conformation by zinc increases the response of mutant p53 tumor cells to anticancer drugs., file e4233f14-fe45-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 18
p53 reactivation: The link to zinc, file e4233f17-29b9-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 18
ATF6 prevents DNA damage and cell death in colon cancer cells undergoing ER stress, file e4233f19-720f-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 18
HSP70 inhibition by 2-phenylethynesulfonamide induces lysosomal cathepsin D release and immunogenic cell death in primary effusion lymphoma, file e4233f15-05f5-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 16
JNK and macroautophagy activation by Bortezomib has a pro-survival effect in Primary Effusion Lymphoma cells, file e4233f17-3a98-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 16
The beneficial effect of Zinc(II) on low-dose chemotherapeutic sensitivity involves p53 activation in wild-type p53-carrying colorectal cancer cells, file e4233f17-3ed4-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 16
Zn(II)-curc targets p53 in thyroid cancer cells, file e4233f17-3ecf-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 15
The Impact of NRF2 Inhibition on Drug-Induced Colon Cancer Cell Death and p53 Activity: A Pilot Study, file e4233f18-ea22-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 15
HIPK2 contributes to PCAF-mediated p53 acetylation and selective transactivation of p21Waf1 after nonapoptotic DNA damage., file e4233f14-fe30-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 14
NRF2 and STAT3: friends or foes in carcinogenesis?, file 83089fbe-3682-44ee-b8df-23e549569984 13
Regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor expression by homeodomain-interacting protein kinase-2., file e4233f14-fe38-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 13
Recent advances in P53, file e4233f18-3a9d-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 13
c-Myc Sustains Pancreatic Cancer Cell Survival and mutp53 Stability through the Mevalonate Pathway, file 69815819-f817-465a-b384-73d8f0797b68 12
Targeting COX-2/PGE(2) pathway in HIPK2 knockdown cancer cells: impact on dendritic cell maturation, file e4233f14-fef7-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 12
p53 Function and Dysfunction in Human Health and Diseases, file a1189d6c-2934-4128-b634-41b295204a20 11
Exogenous wt-p53 protein is active in transformed cells but not in their non-transformed counterparts: implications for cancer gene therapy without tumor targeting., file e4233f14-f458-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 11
Kaposi sarcoma associated herpesvirus (KSHV) induces AKT hyperphosphorylation, bortezomib-resistance and GLUT-1 plasma membrane exposure in THP-1 monocytic cell line, file e4233f17-3368-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 11
Wild-type p53-mediated down-modulation of IL-15 and IL-15 receptors in human rhabdomyosarcoma cells., file e4233f17-4df4-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 11
NRF2 and Bip Interconnection Mediates Resistance to the Organometallic Ruthenium-Cymene Bisdemethoxycurcumin Complex Cytotoxicity in Colon Cancer Cells, file ac5a3eeb-751c-417b-b152-20b4bb39d422 10
HIPK2 neutralizes MDM2 inhibition rescuing p53 transcriptional activity and apoptotic function, file e4233f14-fe2e-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 10
HIPK2 knock-down compromises tumor cell efficiency to repair damaged DNA., file e4233f14-fe35-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 10
STAT3 and mutp53 Engage a Positive Feedback Loop Involving HSP90 and the Mevalonate Pathway, file e4233f18-26d4-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 10
Unfolded p53 in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease: is HIPK2 the link?, file e4233f14-f494-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 9
Glucose restriction induces cell death in parental but not in homeodomain-interacting protein kinase 2-depleted RKO colon cancer cells: molecular mechanisms and implications for tumor therapy, file e4233f15-04ff-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 9
Degradation of mutant p53H175 protein by Zn(II) through autophagy, file e4233f15-059d-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 9
HIPK2 in Angiogenesis: A Promising Biomarker in Cancer Progression and in Angiogenic Diseases, file bfca2221-ad35-411b-9dfa-b648b94249c3 8
Homeodomain-interacting protein kinase-2 activity and p53 phosphorylation are critical events for cisplatin-mediated apoptosis., file e4233f14-fe2c-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 8
Zinc downregulates HIF-1α and inhibits its activity in tumor cells in vitro and in vivo., file e4233f14-fe43-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 8
VPA and TSA Interrupt the Interplay between mutp53 and HSP70, Leading to CHK1 and RAD51 Down-Regulation and Sensitizing Pancreatic Cancer Cells to AZD2461 PARP Inhibitor, file e4233f18-edc7-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 8
NFE2L2 and STAT3 Converge on Common Targets to Promote Survival of Primary Lymphoma Cells, file 2af48611-dcfc-470a-8c72-72df853daecd 7
The Role of Autophagy in Brain Tumors, file dc16f338-8f26-4d62-b335-506b83065393 7
Chloroquine supplementation increases the cytotoxic effect of curcumin against Her2/neu overexpressing breast cancer cells in vitro and in vivo in nude mice while counteracts it in immune competent mice, file e4233f17-3325-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 7
p53-R273H Sustains ROS, Pro-Inflammatory Cytokine Release and mTOR Activation While Reducing Autophagy, Mitophagy and UCP2 Expression, Effects Prevented by wtp53, file e4233f18-5977-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 7
New Copper-Based Metallodrugs with Anti-Invasive Capacity, file 60130036-6317-4d0e-a30f-d1fac02e309c 6
HIPK2 role in the tumor-host interaction: Impact on fibroblasts transdifferentiation CAF-like, file e4233f17-457f-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 6
Reduced chemotherapeutic sensitivity in high glucose condition: implication of antioxidant response, file e4233f17-46d0-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 6
Zinc Supplementation Enhances the Pro-Death Function of UPR in Lymphoma Cells Exposed to Radiation, file e4233f18-e1ff-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 6
Azurin modulates the association of Mdm2 with p53: SPR evidence from interaction of the full-length proteins., file e4233f14-fe46-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 5
Oncogenic pathways activated by pro-inflammatory cytokines promote mutant p53 stability: clue for novel anticancer therapies, file e4233f18-844e-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 5
Genome-wide analysis discloses reversal of the hypoxia-induced changes of gene expression in colon cancer cells by zinc supplementation., file e4233f18-92b2-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 5
The Sweet Side of HIPK2, file f1dd4332-1066-42c1-9ca1-5a5b2bfe58dd 5
Negative regulation of beta4 integrin transcription by homeodomain-interacting protein kinase 2 and p53 impairs tumor progression., file e4233f14-fe3b-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 4
HHV-6A infection dysregulates autophagy/UPR interplay increasing beta amyloid production and tau phosphorylation in astrocytoma cells as well as in primary neurons, possible molecular mechanisms linking viral infection to Alzheimer's disease, file e4233f17-5efe-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 4
NRF2 activation in BON‑1 neuroendocrine cancer cells reduces the cytotoxic effects of a novel Ruthenium(II)‑curcumin compound: A pilot study, file 7b2c4755-656f-4060-961c-d4df57127121 3
HIPK2-induced p53Ser46 phosphorylation activates the KILLER/DR5-mediated caspase-8 extrinsic apoptotic pathway., file e4233f14-fe34-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 3
Reversible dysfunction of wild-type p53 following homeodomain-interacting protein kinase-2 knockdown., file e4233f14-fe37-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 3
HIF-1α antagonizes p53-mediated apoptosis by triggering HIPK2 degradation., file e4233f14-fe44-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 3
ZnCl2 sustains the adriamycin-induced cell death inhibited by high glucose, file e4233f15-7738-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 3
Histone deacetylase inhibitors VPA and TSA induce apoptosis and autophagy in pancreatic cancer cells, file e4233f17-3317-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 3
A novel Zn(II)-compound reactivates mutant p53 protein in cancer cells: molecular mechanisms and therapeutical implications, file e4233f17-41ff-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 3
Transcriptional regulation of hypoxia-inducible factor 1alpha by HIPK2 suggests a novel mechanism to restrain tumor growth, file e4233f18-3229-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 3
Follicle-stimulating hormone increases the expression of tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases TIMP-1 and TIMP-2 and induces TIMP-1 AP-1 site binding complex(es) in prepubertal rat Sertoli cells, file e4233f18-8045-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 3
Role of upr sensor activation in cell death–survival decision of colon cancer cells stressed by dpe treatment, file e4233f18-99b2-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 3
PGE2 Released by Pancreatic Cancer Cells Undergoing ER Stress Transfers the Stress to DCs Impairing Their Immune Function, file e4233f18-cc1e-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 3
Interconnected Adaptive Responses: A Way Out for Cancer Cells to Avoid Cellular Demise, file e4233f19-62a1-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 3
Tp53-gene transfer induces hypersensitivity to low doses of X-rays in glioblastoma cells: a strategy to convert a radio-resistant phenotype into a radiosensitive one., file e4233f14-fe32-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 2
HIPK2 downregulates vimentin and inhibits breast cancer cell invasion, file e4233f14-ffa8-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 2
A fluorescent curcumin-based Zn(II)-complex reactivates mutant (R175H and R273H) p53 in cancer cells, file e4233f15-08b3-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 2
High glucose dephosphorylates serine 46 and inhibits p53 apoptotic activity, file e4233f15-0b46-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 2
Targeting MKK3 as a novel anticancer strategy: molecular mechanisms and therapeutical implications, file e4233f15-1316-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 2
The 72-kDa and the 92-kDa gelatinases, but not their inhibitors TIMP-1 and TIMP-2, are expressed in early psoriatic lesions., file e4233f17-26a6-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 2
Targeting mutant p53 in cancer: the latest insights, file e4233f17-2e3b-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 2
High glucose and hyperglycemic sera from type 2 diabetic patients impair DC differentiation by inducing ROS and activating Wnt/β-catenin and p38 MAPK, file e4233f17-3a90-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 2
Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (4th edition), file e4233f18-85dc-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 2
Anticancer effect of AZD2461 PARP inhibitor against colon cancer cells carrying wt or dysfunctional p53, file e4233f18-be15-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 2
Increase of BCNU sensitivity by wt-p53 gene therapy in glioblastoma lines depends on the administration schedule., file e4233f14-f459-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Regulation of p53 activity by HIPK2: molecular mechanisms and therapeutical implications in human cancer cells., file e4233f14-fe41-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
SLC25A1, or CIC, is a novel transcriptional target of mutant p53 and a negative tumor prognostic marker, file e4233f15-059c-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Zinc supplementation is required for the cytotoxic and immunogenic effects of chemotherapy in chemoresistant p53-functionally deficient cells, file e4233f15-0848-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Gentian violet induces wtp53 transactivation in cancer cells, file e4233f15-0bab-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Metformin triggers apoptosis in PEL cells and alters bortezomib-induced Unfolded Protein Response increasing its cytotoxicity and inhibiting KSHV lytic cycle activation, file e4233f16-e409-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Quercetin induces apoptosis and autophagy in primary effusion lymphoma cells by inhibiting PI3K/AKT/mTOR and STAT3 signaling pathways, file e4233f16-e956-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
STAT3 phosphorylation affects p53/p21 axis and KSHV lytic cycle activation, file e4233f16-fbd5-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
Cytotoxic Drugs Activate KSHV Lytic Cycle in Latently Infected PEL Cells by Inducing a Moderate ROS Increase Controlled by HSF1, NRF2 and p62/SQSTM1, file e4233f17-03c9-2860-e053-6605fe0a460a 1
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