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EU - Europa 1824
NA - Nord America 1365
AS - Asia 641
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 10
AF - Africa 1
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 1360
IT - Italia 530
CN - Cina 374
AT - Austria 299
UA - Ucraina 254
SE - Svezia 188
TR - Turchia 174
IE - Irlanda 166
GB - Regno Unito 118
DE - Germania 109
FI - Finlandia 70
VN - Vietnam 65
FR - Francia 44
BE - Belgio 23
IN - India 21
RU - Federazione Russa 11
EU - Europa 10
PL - Polonia 5
CA - Canada 3
CH - Svizzera 2
KR - Corea 2
MX - Messico 2
PK - Pakistan 2
RO - Romania 2
BG - Bulgaria 1
GR - Grecia 1
IR - Iran 1
JP - Giappone 1
SC - Seychelles 1
SK - Slovacchia (Repubblica Slovacca) 1
SY - Repubblica araba siriana 1
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Jacksonville 378
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Chandler 297
Chieti 195
Dublin 166
Princeton 163
Nanjing 102
Izmir 100
Beijing 94
Altamura 75
Dearborn 73
Wilmington 68
Dong Ket 65
Ann Arbor 61
Cambridge 59
Nanchang 50
Venezia 27
Brussels 23
Shenyang 20
Woodbridge 20
Hebei 16
Kunming 16
Falls Church 15
Jiaxing 15
Helsinki 14
Tianjin 14
Norwalk 13
Rome 12
Köln 11
Pescara 11
Saint Petersburg 10
Cagliari 9
Boardman 8
Changsha 6
Créteil 6
Hangzhou 6
Hefei 6
Changchun 5
Houston 5
L'aquila 5
Potenza 5
Redwood City 5
San Vito Chietino 5
Jinan 4
Kraków 4
Putignano 4
Boston 3
Lanzhou 3
London 3
Montesilvano 3
Napoli 3
Padova 3
Shanghai 3
Toronto 3
Andover 2
Ashburn 2
Bangalore 2
Carsoli 2
Centrale 2
Empoli 2
Fairfield 2
Francavilla Al Mare 2
Frascati 2
Grevenbroich 2
Grottazzolina 2
Guangzhou 2
Islamabad 2
Milan 2
Munich 2
Ningbo 2
Simi Valley 2
Xian 2
Zurich 2
Anaheim 1
Andria 1
Ankara 1
Aquila 1
Ardabil 1
Ashford 1
Avezzano 1
Baotou 1
Bologna 1
Bratislava 1
Casalnuovo di Napoli 1
Chengdu 1
Cluj-napoca 1
Cranfield 1
Dallas 1
Francavilla al Mare 1
Genova 1
Glasgow 1
Grafing 1
Grimsby 1
Guiyang 1
Hanover 1
Hendon 1
Kagoya 1
Kocaeli 1
Los Angeles 1
Martinsicuro 1
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Nome #
Exposure to particle debris generated from passenger and truck tires induces different genotoxicity and inflammatory responses in the RAW 264.7 cell line 143
Device for measuring concentration of gases 122
Precision Environmental Planning: Strumenti e metodi innovativi per una "pianificazione ambientale di precisione" 89
Ozone photochemistry in boreal biomass burning plumes 87
Is it possible to optimize the traditional classification scheme of ultra-alkaline rocks by means of combined statistical methods? 87
Precision environmental planning 83
Effects of ozone exposure on human epithelial adenocarcinoma and normal fibroblasts cells 81
Wildfires impact on surface nitrogen oxides and ozone in Central Italy 76
Preface 76
null 73
Aircraft based four-channel thermal dissociation laser induced fluorescence instrument for simultaneous measurements of NO2, total peroxy nitrate, total alkyl nitrate, and HNO3 73
Sensible heat flux and boundary layer depth measurements by Doppler SODAR and sonic anemometer data 71
WRF-Chem model predictions of the regional impacts of N2O5 heterogeneous processes on night-time chemistry over north-western Europe 71
Air pollution: New insight from direct measurements of ozone production 70
Precise measurement of the absolute yield of fluorescence photons in atmospheric gases 67
Preface 67
Homogenization of instrumental time series of air temperature in Central Italy (1930−2015) 65
Aircraft observations of the lower troposphere above a megacity: Alkyl nitrate and ozone chemistry 64
null 61
An assessment of stratospheric intrusions in Italian mountain regions using STEFLUX 60
Analysis of surface ozone using a recurrent neural network 60
A novel method for the absolute fluorescence yield measurement by AIRFLY 59
1979-1999 satellite total ozone column measurements over West Africa 59
Precise measurement of the absolute fluorescence yield of the 337nm band in atmospheric gases 59
Correlations between weather conditions and airborne pollen concentration and diversity in a Mediterranean high-altitude site disclose unexpected temporal patterns 59
Affrontare la complessità del cambiamento climatico 59
Precipitation intensity under a warming climate is threatening some Italian premium wines 57
Quantifying the impact of BOReal forest fires on Tropospheric oxidants over the Atlantic using Aircraft and Satellites (BORTAS) experiment: Design, execution and science overview 57
OH and HO2 concentrations, production and loss rates at the La Porte site during TexAQS 2000 56
Spectrally resolved pressure dependence measurements of air fluorescence emission with AIRFLY 56
The impact of covid-19 related lockdown on dental practice in central italy—outcomes of a survey 55
AIRFLY: Measurement of the uorescence yield in atmospheric gases 52
Effects of land use on surface-atmosphere exchanges of trace gases and energy in Borneo: Comparing fluxes over oil palm plantations and a rainforest 52
Air and surface measurements of SARS-CoV-2 inside a bus during normal operation 52
Radical chemistry at night: Comparisons between observed and modelled HOx, NO3 and N2O5 during the RONOCO project 50
Earthquakes trigger the loss of groundwater biodiversity 49
AIRFLY: Measurement of the fluorescence yield in atmospheric gases 48
AIRFLY: Measurement of the air fluorescence radiation induced by electrons 48
Normal breathing releases SARS-CoV-2 into the air 48
Seasonal variation of night-time accumulated Rn-222 in central Italy 47
Desert dust transported over Europe: Lidar observations and model evaluation of the radiative impact 46
Overview: oxidant and particle photochemical processes above a south-east Asian tropical rainforest (the OP3 project): introduction, rationale, location characteristics and tools 46
Properties and evolution of biomass burning organic aerosol from Canadian boreal forest fires 45
Influence of aerosol chemical composition on N2O5 uptake: Airborne regional measurements in northwestern Europe 45
null 45
Aerosol measurements at L'Aquila EARLINET station in central Italy: Impact of local sources and large scale transport resolved by LIDAR 45
Impact of biomass burning emission on total peroxy nitrates: fire plume identification during the BORTAS campaign 44
In Situ Trace Gas Measurements 44
Erratum: Overview: Oxidant and particle photochemical processes above a south-east Asian tropical rainforest (the OP3 project): Introduction, rationale, location characteristics and tools 44
Energy dependence of air fluorescence yield measured by AIRFLY 44
SARS-CoV-2 and Oral Manifestation: An Observational, Human Study 44
Aerosol Measurements in the Atmospheric Surface Layer at L’Aquila, Italy: Focus on Biogenic Primary Particles 43
Lidar observations of mesospheric sodium over Italy 42
Temperature and humidity dependence of air fluorescence yield measured by AIRFLY 42
Analysis of Summer Ozone Observations at a High Mountain Site in Central Italy (Campo Imperatore, 2388 m a.s.l.) 41
Interferences in photolytic NO2 measurements: Explanation for an apparent missing oxidant? 40
Direct observations of daytime NO3: Implications for urban boundary layer chemistry 40
Precise measurement of the absolute yield of fluorescence photons in atmospheric gases 40
Lidar and SAGE II observations of Shishaldin volcano aerosols and lower stratospheric transport 40
A combined Rayleigh-Raman lidar for measurements of tropospheric water vapour and aerosol profiles 39
Measurement of the pressure dependence of air fluorescence emission induced by electrons 39
Evolution of surface ozone in central Italy based on observations and statistical model 39
Interference testing for atmospheric HOx measurements by laser-induced fluorescence 37
Missing OH reactivity in a forest: evidence for unknown reactive biogenic VOCs 37
Neural network model analysis for investigation of NO origin in a high mountain site 34
A laser-induced fluorescence instrument for detecting tropospheric OH and HO2: Characteristics and calibration 33
Observations of surface radon in Central Italy 33
Nitrogen management is essential to prevent tropical oil palm plantations from causing ground-level ozone pollution 31
Laser induced fluorescence instrument for NO2 measurements: Observations at a central Italy background site 31
Ozone effect on inflammatory and proteomic profile of human macrophages and airway epithelial cells 31
Instrumental monitoring of the birth and development of truffles in a Tuber melanosporum orchard 30
Sensing the city: climate changes and advanced technologies 30
High-resolution spectrometer for atmospheric studies 29
Effects of Natural Ventilation and Saliva Standard Ejectors during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Quantitative Analysis of Aerosol Produced during Dental Procedures 29
Observations and box model analysis of radon-222 in the atmospheric surface layer at L'Aquila, Italy: March 2009 case study 28
Fractal dimension analysis applied to soil Co2 fluxes in campotosto’s seismic area, central Italy 26
Increasing the maturity of measurements of essential climate variables (ECVs) at Italian atmospheric WMO/GAW observatories by implementing automated data elaboration chains 22
Ozone effect on the inflammatory and proteomic profile of human macrophages and airway epithelial cells 19
Megacity and local contributions to regional air pollution: An aircraft case study over London 19
In vitro genotoxicity of polystyrene nanoparticles on the human fibroblast hs27 cell line 19
Genotoxicity Response of Fibroblast Cells and Human Epithelial Adenocarcinoma In Vitro Model Exposed to Bare and Ozone-Treated Silica Microparticles 17
The relativity of consciousness: The application of time dilation to the theory of integrated information 14
The Relationship between PM2.5 and PM10 in Central Italy: Application of Machine Learning Model to Segregate Anthropogenic from Natural Sources 14
Production of peroxy nitrates in boreal biomass burning plumes over Canada during the BORTAS campaign 8
Recursive neural network model for analysis and forecast of PM10 and PM2.5 5
Microplastics Affect the Inflammation Pathway in Human Gingival Fibroblasts: A Study in the Adriatic Sea 4
Production of peroxy nitrates in boreal biomass burning plumes over Canada during the BORTAS campaign 2
Seasonal variation of ozone and black carbon observed at Paknajol, an urban site in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal 2
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2020/2021670 72578213 1689 1551 1213618100
2021/2022525 15332346 4350 2438 78550120
2022/2023988 1071688377 67213 9467 112000
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