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Optimal control of input-output systems via demand management 1992 Sacco, P.
Projectual vs. adaptive behavior. A comment on Heiner 1992 Sacco, P.
Disequilibrium dynamics with naive agents in the overlapping generations model with money 1993 Sacco, P.
Can people learn rational expectations? - An 'ecological' approach 1994 Sacco, P.
A public contracting evolutionary game with corruption 1995 Antoci, Angelo; Sacco, Pier Luigi
Subjective metaphysics and learning from experience: The causal psychology of rational choice 1996 Sacco, P.
Evolutionary selection of ‘chivalrous’ conventions in coordination games without common expectations 1996 Sacco, Pier Luigi; Sandri, Marco
Game-theoretic definitions of fairness and the contractualistic foundations of justice 1997 Morelli, M.; Sacco, P.
Defeating the gang: The social dynamics of compliance in a rake-off economy 1997 Sacco, P.
Critical mass effect and restructuring in the transition towards a market economy 2000 Sacco, P.; Scarpa, Carlo
Feedforward networks in financial predictions: The future that modifies the present 2000 Buscema, M.; Sacco, P.
Network Interaction with Material and Relational Goods: An Exploratory Simulation 2000 Sacco, P.; Vanin, P.
The emergence of deontological codes in public administration 2002 Antoci, A.; Sacco, P.
Coexistence of strategies and culturally-specific common knowledge: An evolutionary analysis 2004 Antoci, A.; Sacco, P.; Zarri, L.
Flexibility choices and oligopolistic competition in an evolutionary environment 2005 Antoci, A.; Sacco, P.; Scarpa, C.
Social capital accumulation and the evolution of social participation 2007 Antoci, A.; Sacco, P.; Vanin, P.
Participation, Growth and Social Poverty: Social Capital in a Homogeneous Society 2008 Antoci, Angelo; Sacco, Pier Luigi; Vanin, Paolo
Social preferences and private provision of public goods: A 'double critical mass' model 2008 Antoci, A.; Sacco, P.; Zarri, L.
Global analysis of an expectations augmented evolutionary dynamics 2008 Antoci, A.; Gay, A.; Landi, M.; Sacco, P.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 129
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