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NA - Nord America 3828
EU - Europa 3691
AS - Asia 2164
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 5
AF - Africa 1
SA - Sud America 1
Totale 9690
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 3820
CN - Cina 1076
UA - Ucraina 954
TR - Turchia 669
IE - Irlanda 430
FR - Francia 429
IT - Italia 419
GB - Regno Unito 408
SE - Svezia 392
IN - India 358
DE - Germania 289
FI - Finlandia 191
PL - Polonia 103
AT - Austria 32
JP - Giappone 19
VN - Vietnam 19
RU - Federazione Russa 14
BE - Belgio 13
CA - Canada 7
IR - Iran 7
IL - Israele 6
EU - Europa 4
CH - Svizzera 3
KR - Corea 3
NL - Olanda 3
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 2
MN - Mongolia 2
PK - Pakistan 2
PT - Portogallo 2
SK - Slovacchia (Repubblica Slovacca) 2
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BD - Bangladesh 1
BG - Bulgaria 1
BN - Brunei Darussalam 1
CO - Colombia 1
EE - Estonia 1
EG - Egitto 1
MD - Moldavia 1
PA - Panama 1
RO - Romania 1
RS - Serbia 1
SG - Singapore 1
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Jacksonville 1164
Chandler 802
Princeton 435
Dublin 424
Izmir 367
Southend 344
Nanjing 303
Wilmington 208
Beijing 190
Cambridge 182
Dearborn 172
Nanchang 146
Chieti 104
Kraków 102
Altamura 99
Ann Arbor 92
Shenyang 65
Hebei 63
Kunming 57
Boardman 55
Woodbridge 49
Jiaxing 37
Norwalk 35
Tianjin 35
Grevenbroich 34
Vienna 32
Hangzhou 31
Francavilla Al Mare 23
Orange 22
Changsha 20
Dong Ket 19
Jinan 19
Changchun 17
Houston 17
Lanzhou 17
Helsinki 15
San Mateo 14
Brussels 13
Hefei 13
Rome 13
Corridonia 11
Kidderminster 10
Andover 9
Augusta 9
Ningbo 9
Auburn Hills 8
Chiba 8
Munich 8
Hanover 7
Taizhou 7
Ardabil 6
Guangzhou 6
San Donato Milanese 6
San Vito Chietino 6
Fuzhou 5
Leawood 5
Mcallen 5
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Mountain View 5
Mumbai 5
Seattle 5
Shanghai 5
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Bangalore 4
Colle 4
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Kocaeli 4
Tokyo 4
Walnut 4
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Centrale 3
Chengdu 3
Geneva 3
Honolulu 3
London 3
Monserrato 3
Notaresco 3
Redmond 3
Stockholm 3
Trento 3
Zimone 3
Aix-en-provence 2
Brescia 2
Cagliari 2
Catanzaro 2
Collegno 2
Edmonton 2
Fossano 2
Glendale 2
Los Angeles 2
Milan 2
Milton Keynes 2
Montesilvano Marina 2
Neman 2
Padova 2
Pescara 2
Pisa 2
Totale 6109
Nome #
Geologic map of the Barrymore Quadrangle (V59), Venus, I-2610 130
River morphologies and paleodrainages of Western Africa (Sahara and Sahel) during humid climatic conditions 95
Canali (Venus) 86
Tsunami waves extensively resurfaced the shorelines of an early Martian ocean 83
Spreading vs. Rifting as modes of extensional tectonics on the globally expanded Ganymede 81
Volcanism on Venus 77
Characteristics of Erosional Morphology Formed by Tsunami Waves along the Sanriku Coast, Northeastern Japan: Analysis Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning 75
Valley networks on Venus 75
Valley Network (Venus) 74
Aeolian Events in Moreux Crater: analysis of diverse dune fields 73
The volcanology of Venus landing sites and the geochemistry of Venus 73
Ultrastructural study of iron oxide precipitates: Implications for the search of biosignatures in the Meridiani hematite concretions, Mars. 72
Venusian channels and valleys: Distribution and volcanological implications 72
The Sirente small crater field in central Italy: Discovery, research, and historical significance 71
Present-day aeolian activity in Herschel Crater, Mars 71
The Sirente crater field, Italy 71
Amphitheater-Headed Valley (Venus) 70
Trip to Mars with Google Earth 70
Utah’s geologic and geomorphic analogs to Mars—An overview for planetary exploration. 69
Exploring Mars Surface and its terrestrial Analogues: Fileld Trip Guidebook, Chott el Gharsa and Chott el Jerid 68
Martian lacustrine environments and their geological constraints on drilling operations for exobiological research 68
The Tsenkher structure in the Gobi-Altai, Mongolia: Geomorphological hints of an impact origin. 68
Style of extensional faulting on Ganymede: New insights from grooved terrain analysis and comparison with terrestrial analogues. 68
Structural analysis of Ganymede grooved sulci: insights for a global expansion model. 68
The 1997 Mars Pathfinder Spacecraft Landing Site: Spillover Deposits from an Early Mars Inland Sea 68
Outflow Channel (Venus) 67
When magma meets ice - Field expedition to the Azas Plateau 66
Wind of the Gobi 66
Morphometric analysis of a Hesperian aged Martian lobate scarp using high-resolution data 66
Canali-type channels on Venus: some genetic constraints 66
Playa environments on Earth: Possible analogs for Mars. 65
Venus 65
An inventory of potentially habitable environments on Mars: Geological and biological perspectives. 65
Yenisei River ice age geomorphology: View from space 64
Geological features and evolution of yardangs in the Qaidam Basin, Tibetan Plateau (NW China): a terrestrial analogue for Mars 64
Combinations of processes responsible for Martian impact crater "layered ejecta structures" emplacement 63
The search for methane gas emission features on Mars 63
Rivers in the Solar System; Water is not the only fluid flow on planetary bodies. 62
Analysis of a new geomorphological inventory of landslides in Valles Marineris, Mars 62
Catastrophic flooding, palaeolakes and late Quaternary drainage reorganization in northern Eurasia 62
Timings of early crustal activity in southern highlands of Mars: Periods of crustal stretching and shortening 62
The Goshogake mud volcano field, Tohoku, northern Japan: An acidic, high-temperature system related to magmatic volcanism 62
Geological evolution of Ares Vallis on Mars: Formation by multiple events of catastrophic flooding, glacial and periglacial processes. 62
Sinuous Rille 61
Cataclysmic Scabland flooding: Insights from a simple depth-averaged numerical model. 61
Ancient oceans and ice sheets and the hydrological cycle on Mars 61
Canyonlands of Mars 61
The Polygonal Surface Structures in the Dalangtan Playa, Qaidam Basin, NW China: Controlling Factors for their Formation and Implications for Analogous Martian Landforms 61
Local stratigraphic relations at Sandel crater, Venus: Possible evidence for recent volcano-tectonic activity in Imdr Regio 61
Analysis of diverse dune fields in Herschel Crater (Mars) from HiRISE datasets 60
Ancient wet aeolian environments on Earth: clues to presence of fossil/live microorganisms on Mars 60
Volcanic and geothermal activities along the Beppu-Shimabara graben as terrestrial analogs for comparative planetary geology (Guidebook for Field Trip) 60
Further evidence for an impact origin of the Tsenkher structure in the Gobi-Altai, Mongolia: Geology of a 3.7 km crater with a well-preserved ejecta blanket 60
Beyenchime-Salaatin (Russia), Bigach (Kazakhstan), Chiyli (Kazakhstan), Chukcha (Russia), Dhala (India), El’gygytgyn (Russia), Gusev (Russia), Jebel Waqf as Suwwan (Jordan), Jänisjärvi (Russia), Kaluga (Russia), Kamensk (Russia), Kara and Ust-Kara (Russia), Karakul (Tajikistan), Karla (Russia), Kursk (Russia), Logancha (Russia), Lonar (India), Macha (Russia), Mishina Gora (Russia), Popigai (Russia), Puchezh-Katunki (Russia), Ragozinka (Russia), Shunak (Kazakhstan), Sikhote Alin (Russia), Sobolev (Russia), Sterlitamak (Russia), Suavjärvi (Russia), Tabun-Khara-Obo (Mongolia), Wabar (Saudi Arabia, Xiuyan (China), Zhamanshin (Kazakhstan) 60
Geological and geochemical data from the proposed Sirente crater field: New age dating and evidence for heating of target 59
Valleys and paleovalleys on Earth and Mars 59
Interior layered deposits of Valles Marineris, Mars: Analogous subice volcanism related to Baikal rifting, Southern Siberia 58
A catastrophe remembered: a meteorite impact of the 5th century AD in the Abruzzo, central Italy 58
An unusual spectral unit in west Candor Chasma: Evidence for aqueous or hydrothermal alteration in the Martian canyons 58
Middle to late Holocene sedimentation dynamics and paleoclimatic conditions in the Lake Ulaan basin, southern Mongolia 58
The geomorphology, color, and thermal properties of Ryugu: Implications for parent-body processes 58
Magnetometer survey of the proposed Sirente meteorite crater field, central Italy: Evidence for uplifted crater rims and buried meteorites 57
Numerical simulations of large-scale cataclysmic floodwater: A simple depth-averaged model and an illustrative application. 57
Lahar deposits preserved in a relict plunge-pool, northern flank Vesuvio Volcano, Italy 57
Red rock and red planet diagenesis: Comparisons of Earth and Mars concretions 56
Mars 56
Evidences for sand motion in Herschel Crater (Mars) 55
Mare Tyrrenium Region: analysis of dark sand dunes and wind directions interpretations. 55
New evidence for a magmatic influence on the origin of Valles Marineris, Mars. 55
Report on the 21st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Houston 55
What did Magellan see on the hot planet? 55
Geomorphology of subglacial volcanoes in the Azas Plateau, the Tuva Republic, Russia. 54
Models of iron oxide concretion formation: field, numerical, and laboratory comparisons 54
A possible terrestrial analogue for haematite concretions on Mars 54
Small edifice features in Chryse Planitia, Mars: Assessment of a mud volcano hypothesis 54
Paleolakes, paleofloods, and depressions in Aurorae and Ophir plana, Mars; Connectivity of surface and subsurface hydrological systems. 54
GRS evidence and the possibility of paleooceans on Mars 53
Geomorphic knobs of Candor Chasma, Mars: New Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter data and comparisons to terrestrial analogs 53
Stratigraphy and erosional landforms of layered deposits in Valles Marineris, Mars 53
Channels and valleys on Venus: Preliminary analysis of Magellan data 53
The western bulge of 162173 Ryugu formed as a result of a rotationally driven deformation process. 53
Roles of methane and carbon dioxide in geological processes on Mars 52
Search for Earth approaching asteroids 52
Sample collection from asteroid (162173) Ryugu by Hayabusa2: Implications for surface evolution 52
Headward growth of chasmata by volatile outbursts, collapse, and drainage: Evidence from Ganges chaos, Mars. 52
Exobiological implications of potential sedimentary deposits on Mars 51
Paleoshoreline geomorphology of Böön Tsagaan Nuur, Tsagaan Nuur and Orog Nuur: The Valley of Lakes, Mongolia 51
Report on the total solar eclipse in Austria 51
Fluvio–Lacustrine Sedimentation and Tectonic Influence, Lunae Planum (Mars). 51
Application of GIS to geomorphological research on Mars 51
Control of impact crater fracture systems on subsurface hydrology, ground subsidence, and collapse, Mars 50
Paleohydrology and flood geomorphology of Ares Vallis 50
Channels in the Solar System 50
Geography of green tea in Japan 50
Report on the Mars Pathfinder Workshop 50
Meander properties of Venusian channels 50
Newly Discovered Ring-Moat Dome Structures in the Lunar Maria: Possible Origins and Implications 50
Origin of glacial-fluvial landforms in the Azas Plateau volcanic field, the Tuva Republic, Russia: Role of ice-magma interaction 49
Depth profiles of venusian sinuous rilles and valley networks 49
Hydrogeologic processes of large-scale tectonomagmatic complexes in Mongolia-southern Siberia and on Mars 49
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